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Review-Michael Monroe “I Live Too Fast To Die Young”


Monroe, the grandmaster of glam and punk rock, has returned with a punchy offering on “I Live Too Fast To Die Young.”  He continues to deliver with this vibrant oeuvre, and some of his material is complemented by provocative lyrics on current events, especially on the tune “Murder the Summer of Love.” 

He’s also spelunking in a kind of underworld on the album, as evidenced by such song titles as “Derelict Palace.”  Monroe is ably assisted again on this effort with such sidekicks and collaborators as ex-Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa and long-time guitarist and veteran NY rocker Steve Conte.  Slash also contributes a solo and other guitar work on the album.

The single “Can’t Stop Falling Apart” marches to a rollicking, Stonesy tempo, and has some of the most obvious commercial appeal on the album.  The video accompanying the song illustrates why Monroe is perhaps one of rock’s most underrated performers.   His acrobatic, unbridled, and flamboyant stage presence is unrivaled.    Other standout tunes on the album include the bone-crunching anthem “Everybody’s Nobody,” and “Murder the Summer of Live.”

Monroe expands his repertoire with such songs as the melodic “Antisocialite” and reflective “Dearly Departed” that show different sides of Monroe less visible before.

The album proves again that he’s as compelling as ever and “not fakin’ it,” as advertised in one of his best solo albums.

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