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Alternative / Punk

Alexander Sink April 27, 2024 Orlando, FL Like late Sublime founder and frontman Bradley Nowell, I don’t practice Santeria and even if I had...

Alternative / Punk

Alexander Sink April 27, 2024 In a city that is known for it’s world-class entertainment, one would think that there is little room to...

Ashes to Omens - Feed Me More (Review)

Hard Rock & Metal

Ashes To Omens comes on strong with their new single “Feed Me More”. This modern metal sex-fueled anthem has an instantly likable groove. Ashes...

Devilskin-Barracuda (Review)

Hard Rock & Metal

Let me start by saying that it takes some serious balls to cover any song by Heart’s Ann Wilson. However, Devilskin vocalist Jennie Skulander...

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