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Budderside – S/T Album Review

Budderside - S/T Album Review

Artist: Budderside
Album: Budderside
Genre: Metal
Label: Motorhead Music
Release Date: September 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Budderside‘s self-titled release is an incredible album filled with diversity of both sounds and style that still manages to create a cohesive, signature sound for the band. Bursting out of the gate with an excellent opener, “Genocide” is a great showcase for the diversity that I’m talking about, albeit all rolled up in one track. The band has musical talent to spare and all the members show their abilities throughout this entire album. Lead by the former Motorhead roadie, turned lead vocalist, Patrick Stone, Budderside’s songs are infectious and incredibly catchy. “Ska Bra” which features Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell as a guest is another eccentric masterpiece that will have you humming it in your head all day long. “Pain” shows the hard rockin’ energy that the band puts into each and every song with their live performance. If you haven’t had the chance to see them live, Go! They deliver the goods! I absolutely love the sleazy, down-tuned vibe of “X-Girlfriend”, which has a sugary sweet side to it while being an absolute rocker. “Clear Blue Sky” is a fantastic ballad along the lines of November Rain by Guns N’ Roses with a more modern twist to it. “Open Relationship” may be my favorite song on the album with it’s Beatlesque harmonies blended with straight ahead metal and a poppy chorus. I know what you’re saying, all of that in one song? Yes, and where most bands couldn’t pull it off, Budderside do it and make it all sound like a natural creation. “My Religion” would be right at home on alternative radio and keeps up the trend of catchy songs that really stay with you. “The Envelope” brings the grungier metal side back to the album, but also doesn’t follow conventional rhythms or patterns to produce a unique sounding track. With “Let This One Breathe”, the band delivers more unique start and stop patterns that create a nice ebb and flow. The quieter moments bring out the intensity of other parts of the song quite nicely. And with the closing song, Budderside go with a great semi-love song called “Can’t Wrap My Head Around You”. A great ode to confusing emotional relationships. All in all, Budderside deserve all of the credit in the world for bringing a blend of musical textures that are seldom heard together into a musical masterpiece. I simply can’t wait to see what the future holds for this band. Budderside seem to be poised on the edge of greatness!

Track Listing:

01. Genocide

02. Ska Bra

03. Pain

04. X-Girlfriend

05. Clear Blue Sky

06. Open Relationship

07. My Religion

08. The Envelope

09. Let This One Breathe

10. Can’t Wrap My Head Around You


Band Members:

Patrick Stone-Vocals, Guitars Synth

Michael “The Stoneman” Stone-Bass, Vocals

Rich Sacco-Drums

Colin Reid-Guitars, Vocals

About the author

Bobby Caughron

Bobby Caughron is a music journalist and Editor-In-Chief for XS ROCK. He began a life-long fan of hard rock and metal music after hearing KISS as a kid. He is still an avid fan of the 80s metal scene and continues to discover and write about new music in all rock genres today.

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