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Faster Pussycat Releases First New Songs In Over 20 Years And They’re Sleazy Masterpieces!

Listen To Faster Pussycat's "Pirate Love" One Of The First News Songs To Be Released In 15 Years!
Faster Pussycat Releases First New Songs In Over 20 Years And They're Sleazy Masterpieces!


Faster Pussycat has released not one, but two new songs. Their first new studio releases in over 20 years are the singles “NOLA” and “Pirate Love” and damn, they’re fantastic!  Starting off with NOLA, the band’s tribute to New Orleans, the sleaze factor is exploding from the first line of Taime Downe’s vocals.  This is the band doing what they do best.  It’s a true, gritty return to their filthy beginnings.  And that sleazy sound continues with the bands’ cover of the Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers song.  Faster Pussycat put their own grimy spin on it. The band has been performing the song live since their early club days.  Both of these great new singles sound like they would have been right at home on the debut Faster Pussycat album.  I couldn’t be happier with these tracks! If you love that glammed-up, sleaze rock sound, you’ve got to hear this! These songs leave me eagerly wanting to hear an all-new studio album by the band. For fans of the band or the genre, it doesn’t get better than this! Five Stars!



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