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Would You Support A Version Of KISS That Features None Of The Original Members?

Would You Support A Version Of KISS That Features None Of The Original Members?

While KISS still has some dates to resume on their “End Of The Road” Tour, it appears that the end of KISS is near. Or is it? Paul Stanley and KISS manager have both hinted at the possibility of “KISS” the band continuing without Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons. Now,  Gene has always been the brains behind the commercialization of the KISS brand which would possibly benefit if the band were to continue.  So here’s the real questions that need to be answered: (1) Would somewhere wear the identical makeup designs of the original members or would KISS become a second-generation version with all new members and makeup designs? Me personally, I could live with it a lot better if it was simply an all-new band rather than an ongoing tribute version.

(2) Would Tommy Thayer andEric Singer remain in the new band or would they pass the torch to other members? Again, just my personal opinion, but I don’t think most people associate Thayer and Singer with the original KISS, even if they’ve been in the band for a number of years now.

(3) Would the new version of KISS write and perform new material or would it be just an ongoing “Greatest Hits” package to tour the world? Clearly, I think the band would need to create new songs and actually set themselves apart from the originals if they really want to try to make a go of it with a whole new band. Who knows, if they were different enough, they just might create a resurgence in interest in the band and hard rock music in general.  Of course, that goes both ways, if it’s done wrongly, it could tarnish the legacy of the band and diminish the empire that they have already built both in music and pop culture.


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Bobby Caughron

Bobby Caughron is a music journalist and Editor-In-Chief for XS ROCK. He began a life-long fan of hard rock and metal music after hearing KISS as a kid. He is still an avid fan of the 80s metal scene and continues to discover and write about new music in all rock genres today.

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