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Vinnie Vincent Invasion…Where Are They Now?

Vinnie Vincent Invasion...Where Are They Now?

The Vinnie Vincent Invasion hit the scene with their debut album in 1986. After scoring a tour with Iron Maiden the band continued to build a fanbase before releasing the album “All Systems Go” in 1988.  But, alas this would be the last album by Vinnie Vincent Invasion, which saw the band members going in various different directions.

So…Where Are They Now?

Vinnie Vincent

Vincent got his big break by being hired by KISS to replace longtime guitarist Ace Frehley. Vincent played on the albums “Creatures Of The Night” and the first KISS album to feature the band without their makeup, “Lick It Up”. Vincent was terminated from KISS in 1984 after the Lick It Up Tour,  supposedly over a dispute over an employment contract.  Vincent was replaced by Mark St. John. Vinnie traveled the world for quite some time before returning to the U.S. and creating the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. The band released two albums, Vinnie Vincent Invasion (1986) and All Systems Go (1988).  The band split up in 1989 when Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum left to form the band “Slaughter”.  In 1996 Vinnie Vincent released the solo EP “Euphoria” which also featured Robert Fleischman on vocals again.  All other instruments including bass and drums were played or programmed by Vincent himself.  KISS worked with Vincent once again in 1992, with Simmons and Stanley utilizing him as a songwriter on several tracks on the “Revenge” album, but the band would again have disagreements that would end their work together.  In recent years, Vincent has joined Gene Simmons for an unplugged performance at one of Simmons’ Vault box set appearances as well as appearing at several Conventions for photo and autograph sessions.

Robert Fleischman



Robert Fleischman was once the lead vocalist for the world renowned rock band, Journey back in 1977.  Fleischman sang on the self-titled Vinnie Vincent Invasion album, but was later replaced by singer Mark Slaughter, which Vinnie Vincent tracked down after hearing him sing on a demo tape.  Robert Fleischman would rejoin Vinnie Vincent on the EP called Euphoria released in 1996. He also recorded an album of material called Guitars From Hell in 1991 that still has never been commercially released. Fleischman has released several solo albums over the years including Perfect Stranger (1979), World in Your Eyes (2002), Electric Raindrops (2004), the first of two albums of Robert’s ambient scores Kinetic Phenomena (2004), which, like its predecessor, showcases Robert’s TV and film scoring ability Dreaming in Tongues (also 2004) and Look at the Dream (2007)

Mark Slaughter


Vocalist Mark Slaughter fronted the metal band Xcursion and taught guitar lessons in Nevada prior to joining Vinnie Vincent Invasion.  He replace Robert Fleischman who actually sang on the self titled VVI album in 1986. After a successful tour including opening for Iron Maiden, Mark made his first and last album appearance on the “All Systems Go” album and the song “Love Kills” was also featured in the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.  He left Vinnie Vincent’s band after the album was completed and formed the band “Slaughter” with bass player Dana Strum.  They enlisted drummer Blas Elias and guitarist Tim Kelly to round out the band.  The band has been successful on many levels and continues to tour in the present day.  Mark Slaughter has also released two solo albums, Reflections In A Rear View Mirror and Halfway There.  Mark is very active in doing charity work for The St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world-renowned drummer, the author of nine books, a recognized health-and-fitness specialist, and a devout vegan.

A native Californian, Bobby grew up in Houston, before studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. As an accomplished performer and studio drummer, he has worked with a diverse roster of artists, including ex-Kiss guitarist’s Vinnie Vincent Invasion, funk-rock pioneers Rare Earth, the multi-platinum Nelson and Slaughter, Alcatrazz (featuring Graham Bonnet), Gary Hoey, Nitro, Hardline, Monster Circus (featuring Dee Snider), The Stu Hamm Band, guitarists Brett Garsed, T.J. Helmerich, Neil Zaza, Bob Kulick, Bruce Kulick, Michael Angelo Batio, funk bass phenoms Bill “The Buddha” Dickens and Carl Carter, and and all-star rockers Scrap Metal. He is currently touring and recording with rock icon, Lita Ford.

Additionally, Bobby has released three records as a solo artist, two top-selling drum books and videos (including his critically acclaimed masterwork, The Zen of Drumming) and is recognized as one of the premier performers and educators in the industry, having done over 900 drumming workshops and exhibitions worldwide, and twice won Drum magazine’s Clinician of the Year award.

Bobby’s latest book, The Boy Is Gonna Rock: A Drummer’s Journey From Houston to Hollywood in Search of Hair Metal Heaven, is an Amazon best-seller and focuses on the early days of his career.  Bobby resides in Los Angeles (when not on the road!).

Dana Strum


Dana Strum started his career at an early age and also worked with bands as a producer and manager including glam metal band “Sweet Savage”.  His big break came with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion in 1986 where he performed on both VVI albums.  Dana and former VVI singer Mark Slaughter left the band after 1988’s “All Systems Go” and created an all new band simply called “Slaughter”. Slaughter have sold over 5 million albums worldwide and continue to perform to this day. The band has been a live touring act for almost 30 years.  Dana Strum has also performed with Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and played bass on Neil’s solo album called Tattoos and Tequilas in 2010.



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