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Dokken…Where Are They Now?

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Dokken broke out with their debut album “Breaking The Chains” in 1981. The band consisted of what would be considered the classic lineup of Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on guitar, “Wild” Mick Brown on drums, and with the exception of Juan Croucier on bass for the debut album only.  Juan would go on to be the bass player for Ratt and Jeff Pilson became the final member of the classic lineup of Dokken.  The band received significant airplay with the single “Breaking The Chains” and continued to grow their fanbase with their next few albums Tooth and Nail (1984)
Under Lock and Key (1985), and Back for the Attack (1987).  In-fighting between the band members led to their breakup and the original members wouldn’t reunite again until 1995 with the album Dysfunctional.  The reunion only lasted one more album and the lineup fractured again. The band reunited one more time in 2016 for several live performances and a live album in 2016.

So where are they now?

“Wild” Mick Brown – Drums


Mick Brown joined Lynch Mob with Dokken guitarist George Lynch following the first breakup of the band. He has performed with Ted Nugent, T & N (featuring Lynch & Pilson) and back and forth between Dokken and Lynch Mob for most of his career.  Mick retired from drumming in 2018 during a Dokken tour citing his inability to physically perform at the level required.


Jeff Pilson – Bass

Jeff Pilson started his main career on Dokken’s second album “Tooth And Nail”.  Over the years he has performed in such bands as MSG, Dio, Lynch Mob, and more.  He has been a member of Foreigner since 2004. Jeff has also produced albums for many different bands and handled management decisions for various bands and projects.

with Dokken
Tooth and Nail (1984)
Under Lock and Key (1985)
Back for the Attack (1987)
Beast from the East (1988)
Dysfunctional (1995)
One Live Night (1996)
Shadowlife (1997)
Erase the Slate (1999)
Live from the Sun (2000)
Return to the East Live 2016 (2018)

with Michael Lee Firkins
Michael Lee Firkins (1990)

with Wild Horses
Bareback (1991)
Dead Ahead (2003)

with McAuley Schenker Group
MSG (1992)

with George Lynch
Sacred Groove (1993)

with Craig Goldy
Insufficient Therapy (1993)

with War & Peace
Time Capsule (1993)
The Flesh and Blood Sessions (1999)
Light at the End of the Tunnel (2001)
The Walls Have Eyes (2004)

with Dio
Strange Highways (1993)
Angry Machines (1996)
Master of the Moon (2004)

with Munetaka Higuchi with Dream Castle
Free World (1997)

with Steel Dragon
Rock Star (Soundtrack, 2001)

with Underground Moon
Underground Moon (2001)

with Lynch/Pilson
Wicked Underground (2003)

with Power Project
Dinosaurs (2005)

with Benedictum
Uncreation (2006) as bassist & producer

with Foreigner
Extended Versions, aka Live In ’05 (2006)
No End in Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner (2008)
Can’t Slow Down (2009)
Can’t Slow Down…When It’s Live! (2010)
Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged (2011)
Alive & Rockin’ (2012)
The Best of Foreigner 4 & More (2014)

with T&N
Slave to the Empire (2012)

with Adler
Back from the Dead (2012) as bassist & producer

with Starship
Loveless Fascination (2013) as session bassist & producer

with Lynch Mob
Rebel (2015)

with The End Machine
The End Machine (2019)

with Black Swan
Shake the World (2020)


George Lynch – guitar

George Lynch is recognized as one of the most influential guitarists in the hard rock and metal genre. His career with Dokken has been a rollercoaster ride because of years of tension and friction between himself and Don Dokken.  In recent years, Lynch has become somewhat of an eccentric guitar genius, constantly playing in new band projects. George and Don reconciled in 2016 for a short live reunion tour and continued to be friends since.  Recently, Lynch has been making guest appearances with Dokken at various events.

Breaking the Chains (1983)
Tooth and Nail (1984)
Under Lock and Key (1985)
Back for the Attack (1987)
Beast from the East (1988)
Dysfunctional (1995)
One Live Night (1996)
Shadowlife (1997)
The Very Best of Dokken (1999)
The Definitive Rock Collection (2006)
From Conception: Live 1981 (2007)
Return to the East Live (2016)

Lynch Mob
Wicked Sensation (1990)
Lynch Mob (1992)
Syzygy (1998)
Smoke This (1999)
Evil: Live (2003)
REvolution (2003)
REvolution: Live! (2006)
Smoke and Mirrors (2009)
Sound Mountain Sessions (2012)
Unplugged: Live from Sugarhill Studios (2013)
Sun Red Sun (2014)
Rebel (2015)
The Brotherhood (2017)

Sacred Groove (1993)
Will Play for Food (2000)
Stone House (2001)
The Lynch That Stole Riffness! (2002)
Furious George (2004)
The Lost Anthology (2005)
Guitar Slinger (2007)
Scorpion Tales (2008)
Orchestral Mayhem (2010)
Kill All Control (2011)
Legacy EP (2012)
Shadow Train (2015)

Udo Lindenberg
Keule (1982)

Hear ‘n Aid
Stars (1986)

Tony MacAlpine
Maximum Security (1987)

Wicked Underground (2003)

Xciter (2006)

Lana Lane
Gemini (2006)

Souls of We
Let the Truth Be Known (2008)

George Lynch & The Stahlwerksinfonie Orchestra
Christmas / Sarajevo (2009)

Raven Quinn
Raven Quinn (2010)

Willie Basse
Break Away

T & N
Slave to the Empire (2012)

KXM (2014)
Scatterbrain (2017)
Circle of Dolls (2019)

Sweet & Lynch
Only to Rise (2015)
Unified (2017)

Project Nfidelikah (2016)

Original Human Music (2018)

The End Machine
The End Machine (2019)

Dirty Shirley
Dirty Shirley (2020)


Don Dokken – Vocals

Don Dokken started the band Dokken in 1979 with a different lineup.  The band was firing on all cylinders by the time the classic lineup was together for the first time on “Tooth And Nail”. However, tensions mounted between the band members, especially between Don and guitarist George Lynch. This lead to a complete band breakup in 1989. Don formed a solo band when the other members sued him over the use of the name Dokken without them.  The classic lineup reunited again in 1995 but it only lasted for one more album called “Shadow Life” in 1997. The band would reunite again in 2016 for a live album and short tour before ending again. Don Dokken continued Dokken as a band with various musicians over the years and still continues to this day. The current lineup of Dokken consists of Jon Levin – lead guitar (2003–present), Chris McCarvill – bass, backing vocals (2015–present), BJ Zampa – drums (2019–present; touring member 2008–2010). Over the years, Dokken has featured guitarists Alex De Rosso, John Norum (Europe), and Reb Beach (Winger). Dokken is releasing an album of recently discovered material in 2020, called The Lost Songs 1978-1981, some of which features recordings from the classic lineup of Dokken.  Dokken is also working on a new studio album to be possibly be released in 2020 or 2021.


Breaking the Chains (1983)
Tooth and Nail (1984)
Under Lock and Key (1985)
Back for the Attack (1987)
Beast from the East (1988)
Dysfunctional (1995)
One Live Night (1996)
Shadowlife (1997)
Erase the Slate (1999)
Live from the Sun (2000)
Long Way Home (2002)
Japan live ’95 (2003)
The Very Best of Dokken (1999)
Hell to Pay (2004)
The Definitive Rock Collection (2006)
From Conception: Live 1981 (2007)
Lightning Strikes Again (2008)
Broken Bones (2012)
Return to the East Live (2016)
The Lost Songs: 1978-1981 (2020)

Up From The Ashes (1991)
Solitary (2008)

Tribute album appearances
Hear ‘n Aid – “Stars” (1986)
Smoke on the Water – A Tribute to Deep Purple (1994) (lead vocals on “Fireball”)
Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper (1999) (lead vocals on “Eighteen”)
Frankie Banali and Friends – 24/7/365: The Tribute to Led Zeppelin (2007) (lead vocals on “Kashmir”)

Other appearances
Great White – Out of the Night (1983) (backing vocals on On Your Knees)
Sexist – Demo (1983) (backing vocals)
Twisted Sister – Come Out and Play (1985) (backing vocals)
Herman Rarebell – Herman Ze German and Friends (1986) (lead vocals on I’ll Say Goodbye, Destiny, and Hard Sensation)
Munetaka Higuchi with Dream Castle – Free World (1997) (lead vocals on Tell Me True)
Vanden Plas – Spirit of Live (2000) (lead vocals on Kiss of Death)
Eizo Sakamoto – Shout Drunker (2002) (lead vocals on Crescent Moon)
Kelly Keeling – Giving Sight To The Eye (2005) (backing vocals)
Paris Keeling – End of Ride Revisited (2009) (lead vocals on I’ve Found)
United Rockers 4U – One Family (2011)
Alex De Rosso – Lions & Lambs (2013) (lead vocals on Disappear)
Herman Rarebell & Friends – Acoustic Fever (2013) (lead vocals on You Give Me All I Need)
Herman Rarebell – Herman’s Scorpions Songs (2014) (lead vocals on You Give Me All I Need)
Wolfpakk (Michael Voss & Mark Sweeney) – Rise of The Animal (2014) (lead vocals on Running out of Times)
D.H. Cooper – Destiny (2015) (lead vocals on I’ll Say Goodbye’, ‘Hard Sensation’ and Destiny)

Great White – Out of the Night (1983)
XYZ – XYZ (1989)
Antix – Get Up, Get Happy (1984)
Maxx Explosion – Forever (2013)


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