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Tim Gaines Confirms That He Has Been Fired From Stryper

Here’s the latest news direct from Tim Gaines about his dismissal from the Christian metal band Stryper:

Howdy folks, Here is a KNAC interview that I gave with Faithsedge vocalist Giancarlo Floridia, earlier this week. This is the “official” unofficial announcement many have been waiting for from myself.

I know many of you have been speculating the validity of the “rumors” flying around over the last year in regard to my position within the Stryper band. I had even been speculating as to whether my 34 year bass player position would be safe. In May of 2017, I received a letter of “termination” by Stryper’s legal representative. I was very disappointed by this decision, but it was expected.

I want to thank the many fans over the years who have rallied behind THIS bass player. For me, playing the bass is all I am. Whether it be in front of a crowd of 30,000 or to a few in a living room. I just enjoy playing and making music. I have several projects that I am working on. First, another solo album. I have been writing music over the last several months in preparation. Second, I am getting ready to record another album with Faithsedge. We are hoping to tour Europe and Japan in 2018/2019. Third, I am playing in a “supergroup” of sorts, with several 80s MTV rockers. I can’t really say much at the moment, but we will be making an announcement soon. Fourth, It’s time to write a book… and that’s all I gotta say about that.

See you in 2018


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