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John Waite Reveals His Hit Song “Missing You” Was Written About MTV VJ, Nina Blackwood

Sure, we all know John Waite’s # 1 hit song “Missing You”, but did you know it was written about former MTV VJ, Nina Blackwood. During a new interview where he discusses his brand new album, Wooden Heart Acoustic Anthology the Complete Recordings Volumes 1 2 3, Waite confirmed that the song was indeed written about Nina.

You can read an excerpt from the interview below:

XS ROCK: Well, that brings me to one of my next questions, So, of course, everything changed when you had your number one hit with “Missing You”, which is a classic song, everyone loves that song. And of course, you’re still widely known for that.

In Nina Blackwood’s book, VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV’s First Wave, she stated that the song “Missing You” was about her. I was just curious if you could confirm or deny that statement?

Is your hit song “Missing You” written about MTV VJ Nina Blackwood?

John Waite: Yeah, it’s true. I mean it was about my wife at the time we were breaking up, and then there was this girl called Patty in New York City, and Nina. So, it was just kind of a story about the three women in my life. And she was one of them. So, I can’t deny it. It’s absolutely true.

Read the full interview at https://xsrock.com/exclusive-interview-with-john-waite/ where he discusses his new album, the struggles of being in the corporate music business and much more.

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