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Watch Stephen Pearcy Perform Classic Ratt Songs And More In This 2021 Full Concert

Happy Birthday To Ratt Vocalist Stephen Pearcy Who Turns 64 Today!

Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy performed a solo show in Houston Texas on September 3, 2021, and Carlos Live Metal TV on YouTube has uploaded the concert for everyone’s enjoyment. Check it out below:

The concert setlist:

“You’re in Love”
“Lay It Down”
“Lack of Communication”
“Ten Miles Wide” (solo)
“Wanted Man”
“Slip of the Lip”
“I’m Insane”
“You Think You’re Tough”
“Way Cool Jr.”
“Nothin’ to Lose” (Arcade)
“U Got It”
“Body Talk”
“Back for More”
“Round and Round”

Pearcy recently released a documentary about his life called “Nothin’ To Lose” which is available at https://www.asytv.com/

You can find more on Carlos Live Metal TV at their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGrOwG1LxyhKn97KSUigQfw

Photo credit: #Misstruthordare

Disclaimer: We do not own or host this content. it is being provided by Carlos Live Metal TV via Youtube

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