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George Lynch, Devix AKA and, Joe Haze Discusses New Band Project “The Banishment” In New Interview

George Lynch's Latest Project Goes Down A Dark Musical Path Reminiscent Of Nine Inch Nails and KMFDM
The idea for THE BANISHMENT has been years in the making for LYNCH to further push his creativity into darker, subliminal and chaotic territories. To accomplish this, he teamed up with HAZE over five years ago, who in addition to being the live guitarist for Lords of Acid, is known in the industry for his work producing/co-producing, mixing and engineering for acts including Sublime, 8MM, Raymond Watts (PIG), Chuck Mosely, David Archuleta, Jedd Moss (Air Supply), Gladys Knight and television networks such as ESPN and National Geographic.
Following multiple failed attempts auditioning vocalists, THE BANISHMENT was close to being shelved until through a series of chance meetings and connections HAZE was introduced to DEVIX AKA at the 2019 Cold Waves Music Festival; he had been grinding his teeth against metal in the Los Angeles underground with acts including The Narcosis Design and Symbolism (featuring original members of Christian Death & Samhain) under the “dream punk” genre.
We interviewed the entire band on a conference call that included Mr. Scary himself, George Lynch talking to us while he was speeding down the highway via his mobile phone.  Some of the highlights include the fact that George admits he doesn’t know music theory and is entirely self-taught as a guitarist as well as the two bands that he would love to play in if given the chance…(The answer is quite surprising). George Lynch is considered one of the greatest rock and metal guitarists out there and for good reason.  Listen to our interview as we get introduced the band members and what to expect from this exciting new project from “The Banishment”. Don’t forget to go to the band’s Indie GoGo page to contribute to get some cool giveaways at: The Banishment Indiegogo Page

Listen to our interview with George Lynch and Co. below:










Photo Credit: Moira Ross/PlatinumBlack.Design [l:r] George Lynch, Devix AKA, Joe Haze)



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