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Former King Kobra Vocalist Marcie Free (Formerly Mark Free) Releases Rambling Video About Her View Of The Universe

Marcie Free, lead vocalist for Unruly Child, Signal and former lead singer for King Kobra as Mark Free, has posted the following on her Facebook page with the accompanying video:

Marcie’s Universe

I should preface this by saying please forgive me on this recording, because it was a spur of the moment thing and I was in the middle of finishing the last bite of my sandwich when this came to my conscious awareness. It was recorded while I was having the revelation on Saturday February 8, 2020 and on it I am speaking straight from my heart because I felt the urgent need to try and get the information out of my head and on to a format for presentation purposes, and too so I wouldn’t forget it or let the inspiration or my understanding of it pass by.
I’m telling on myself but I am very lazy when it comes to writing and or documenting my events and feelings.
On the tape I was nervous while I was speaking because I was unsure I could even express into words the understanding of the information I felt I had taped into, correctly or competently.
I felt a bit distressed by it.


Furthermore, I am not a scientist, a physicist, an astrophysicist, astronomer, or a doctor. In fact I was lucky to graduate high school. However I have an intensely inquisitive mind and acute common sense. As a child I learned much by watching, thinking, and doing. Certainly my mind was and is influenced by everything and everyone around me. Including people, plants and animals, schools, books, religion, television, movies, writings of all kinds, but mainly I am interested in the subjects of cosmology and history of all things. I recall a time when I was in my teens, and my mother became interested in some of Edgar Cayce’s books. I recall her reading out loud to me about his stories of reincarnation and psychic events. Looking back I could say that she had some slightly apparent psychic skills. But there’s no evidence that I could point to particularly. There has been a great many incidents in my life where I felt a certain way about what I should do or say about a subject or discussion that was on going and I went against those feelings and took a different path. After I found out I was right I just chalked those up to coincidences and moved on. But over the years I have been tuning into those feelings thoughts, ideas more closely and have been learning to trust them more and it’s been working out a whole lot better for me. I guess that’s why I am thinking and feeling this way about what I am about to say to you. It feels to me that I am simply trusting in my understanding of God. I don’t know for sure if I am psychic but somehow knowledge (thoughts, ideas) seems to come to me out of nowhere and it feels how I imagine it must feel to someone who is. I do not tell most people this. Only those who I trust greatly. As I am getting older I have tried to come to terms with many issues I have had throughout my life by seeing a wonderful therapist, reconciliation and coming clean with my deepest fears and secrets. As death slowly approaches and comes ever nearer it makes no sense to me to hold onto them any longer. With that I now share with you one of my more recent events that seemed to come psychically into my conscious mind as I pondered the universe, space, and beyond.

The date I am writing this now is Monday April 13, 2020. The time is now 20:07.

Please write me and share your ideas. If you agree, please let me know. Feel free to go hog wild and let it all hang out.
If we and our society are to survive these dark times we must learn to come together and share our thoughts and ideas with one another. Plus it’s fun to think about.

Peace and love always,
Marcie Michelle Free 😇❤️




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