Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard: Supersonic Rock N’ Roll

Artist: Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Album: Supersonic Rock N’ Roll
Genre: Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: February 24, 2017

Australia’s Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard is like a rock n’ roll version of Frankenstein’s Monster. Start with the body of Clutch. Add an arm of Ministry, another arm from ZZ Top. Join a leg of Motorhead and another from your favorite hardcore punk band of choice. Add in some fingers and toes of Black Sabbath, The Cramps, Marilyn Manson and the first musician to reportedly have sold his soul to the devil, blues legend Robert Johnson. Top all of that off with the mind of Sid Vicious and Alice Cooper and you’ve got a real genre defying rock band. You’ve also got one hell of a debut album called “Supersonic Rock N’ Roll!” If the description above doesn’t sound possible, don’t worry, I wouldn’t have thought so either. That is until now… You’ll find no love ballads here. Just sleazy, raw, whiskey-soaked, greasy rock n’ roll. Much like Mark Twain’s quote “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” The same could be said for songs on “Supersonic Rock N’ Roll”. The band has such a diverse approach, that if for some reason, you didn’t like the current song, just wait for the next one, because, inevitably, it will be different than the one before it. But, I have to tell you….there’s not anything here that I don’t like. It’s all fun, energetic, high volume rock. My favorite tracks are “God Of No”, The bluesy “Roll N’ Burn”, “Galactic Motherfucker” and the eclectic sound of “Dead Smile”. Surprisingly, even with all of the diversity of sounds that the band brings to the table, there is still a rather cohesive and unique sound that defines the band. Make no mistake. This is rock n’ roll at it’s grittiest, and rawest, but it’s a really interesting change of pace from the cookie cutter rock band mold that’s been shopped around for the last ten years or so. If you’re a close minded person that likes formulaic rock or your favorite band is The Black Eyed Peas, then this band is not for you. But, then again, if you fall into one of those other two categories, I wouldn’t expect you to get or like the incredible buzz saw awesomeness of Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard.  Check them out. They’re wicked, they’re dirty and they’re very cool.

Track Listing:
Grind the Grinder
Dead Smile
Galactic Motherfucker
Love for Speed
Roll n Burn
Fight Fight Fight
Supersonic Rock n Roll
Bad Boy Benny
God of No

Band Members:
Drums: Leigh
Bass: Coop
Guitar: Mark
Guitar: Darren
Vocals: Ran

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard Facebook Page

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