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Zakk Sabbath – Vertigo (Review)

Zakk Wylde To Release New ZAKK SABBATH Album Called "Vertigo"

For many people, this project is as dangerous to attempt as breaking some holy rules.  The classic Black Sabbath debut album is legendary. And, yes, I think most people would be afraid to do a cover album of this for many reasons.  Some of which include, how to match an album with such notoriety, without being critically assailed, If you’re too faithful to the original, many will say why bother, just listen to the original, if you’re too different from the Black Sabbath version, you risk being called a blasphemer.  With all of these possible backfiring scenarios, you’d think Zakk Wylde and company would just play these songs live and not take the risk of recording them. 

     However, they did, and I’m actually quite impressed and surprised by the outcome.  First of all, Zakk sounds remarkably like Ozzy Osbourne, which certainly elevates this to a new level.  Secondly, Zakk has been playing these songs for many years with Ozzy’s solo band.  But, the best thing about it is that on first listen, you might say it’s too close to the original, but surprisingly, it’s just raw enough to allow that Zakk Wylde guitar sound to gives this a different feel.

    Zakk Sabbath has walked the tightrope and managed to balance it perfectly.  The band is comprised of great musicians including Zakk Wylde on vocals and guitars, Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Rob Zombie, Ex Danzig), and Joey Castillo (The Bronx, ex-QOTSA, ex-Eagles of Death Metal, ex-Danzig). While it’s probably going to be considered as a tribute album, it’s pretty amazing, if you give it a chance and don’t judge it too quickly.  Some of Zakk’s solos are simply blistering on here. If you like classic metal, you’ll find this album a fun, highly energetic, re-boot if you will of the classic Black Sabbath album.  I have to hand it to Zakk Wylde, I don’t think anyone would get away with this except him and the way they crafted this album. Brilliant from beginning to end.



01 – Black Sabbath 6:18
02 – The Wizard 4:23
03 – WaspBehind The Wall Of Sleep 10:35
04 – Wicked World 5:12
05 – A Bit Of FingerSleeping Village 15:09

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