XS ROCK’s Top 10 Hard Rock / Metal Albums Of 2018

XS ROCK's Top 10 Hard Rock / Metal Albums Of 2018

Get A Taste Of Firepower From The Upcoming Judas Priest AlbumArtist: Judas Priest
Album: Firepower
Genre: Metal
Label: Sony /CBS Records
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


The mighty Judas Priest have returned with their latest album “Firepower”. Let me tell you, this is one hell of a great record. Firepower is easily the best outing of the band since their reunion with Rob Halford. Opening the album with the title track, Judas Priest make sure you’re going to be blown away with the first listen. While there’s not a bad song anywhere to be found here, I do have my favorites. Stand out tracks for me are Firepower, Lightning Strike, Necromancer, Children of the Sun and Spectre. But honestly, listening to this whole album is a treat unto itself. This album belongs and deserves to be ranked with the best of the albums that Judas Priest have recorded throughout their now 48 year run. Yes, that’s right Judas Priest actually started in 1969, so that’s actually now almost 49 years since they began. And while that’s very hard to believe, what’s even harder to believe is that the band can make an album as epic as Firepower this far into their stellar career. Firepower has the signature Priest sound that you know from great albums like British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance, Defenders Of The Faith and Painkiller. Listening to the twin guitar work of Glen Tipton and Richie Faulkner is as good as metal gets. Scott Travis and Ian Hill deliver the low end boom to make this one a monster. Rob Halford sounds like he did in the early 80’s, still masterfully hitting the high notes and delivering a wicked vocal performance throughout the entire album. The songwriting is top notch and the production is simply a masterpiece. Just listen to Halford scream in the intro to the song Firepower. I especially want to thank Glen Tipton for his contribution to this magnificent album. It was recently announced that he wouldn’t be touring with Priest right now from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. Apparently, Glen has been battling the disease for many years and worked laboriously to create and record all of his parts on Firepower to perfection. If that’s not metal, then I don’t know what is. Thank you Judas Priest for once again “delivering the goods“. Not only does the legend of Judas Priest continue on, it also continues grow with one of the best albums of their career. Firepower is a must have addition to any metal heads collection.

Track Listing:

01. Firepower
02. Lightning Strike
03. Evil Never Dies
04. Never the Heroes
05. Necromancer
06. Children of the Sun
07. Guardians
08. Rising from Ruins
09. Flame Thrower
10. Spectre
11. Traitors Gate
12. No Surrender
13. Lone Wolf
14. Sea of Red

Band Members:

Rob Halford
Glenn Tipton
Richie Faulkner
Ian Hill
Scott Travis



Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel - PatinaRed Dragon Cartel – Patina


I loved Jake E Lee when he was Ozzy‘s guitarist. I always thought he got a bad rap for unfortunately having to be the guy to follow Randy Rhoads. The fans put Randy on an other-worldy level after his death. And while I loved Randy’s guitar work too, his death seemed to overshadow Jake E’ Lee‘s brilliant guitar playing for Ozzy.  The two stellar albums that he made with Osbourne in the 80’s are burned into my brain, simply because I have played them so many times.  After Jake’s exit from the Prince of Darkness’ band, he went on to form the absolutely fantastic band known as Badlands.  Again the albums produced under the Badlands name were absolutely brilliant. Now, Jake has followed up his Red Dragon Cartel‘s first album with their sophomore release entitled “Patina”.  I’m here to proclaim that it indeed is everything that I had hoped it would be. This album is a huge step up from the first album.  This album feels a lot more cohesive for one thing.  While I enjoyed the first record, this one smokes throughout and Jake is playing in his finest blues-laden, gritty, metal tones.  I also have to give credit where credit is due.  Vocalist Darren James Smith sounds much better this time around.  This new album almost seems like a mix of the Badlands sound with some more modern elements thrown in.  No matter how you describe it, it kicks major ass! The first two tracks, “Speedbag” and “Havana” are are simply explosive and show the grittier, heavier side of the band with Jake simply shredding on guitar.  And he’s simply on fire with the solo in the excellent track called “Bitter”.  This is down and dirty rock n’ roll at it’s best. This is one of the best, if not “the best” straight ahead rock albums released this year. The only reason that I’m holding back on that statement, is that 2018 still has two months of albums to be released. So in all fairness, I need to hear everything that comes out this year, but I am simply blown away by “Patina”.  The stellar cast of musicians on this album like Anthony Esposito (Ex-Lynch Mob and Phil Varone (Saigon Kick, Ex-Skid Row) compliment Jake’s playing perfectly. This album hits the streets November 9th and should be one of your must have albums of this year. It’s simply incredible!

Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel - Patina (Review)


Artist: Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel
Album: Patina
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: November 9, 2018

Track Listing:

01. Speedbag
02. Havana
03. Crooked Man
04. The Luxury Of Breathing
05. Bitter
06. Chasing Ghosts
07. A Painted Heart
08. Punchclown (bonus track)
09. My Beautiful Mess
10. Ink & Water

Band Members:

Jake E. Lee-Guitars
Darren James Smith-Vocals
Anthony Esposito-Bass
Phil Varone-Drums






Greta Van Fleet - Anthem Of The Peaceful ArmyGreta Van Fleet – Anthem Of The Peaceful Army


When I first heard Greta Van Fleet, I,  much like many others, was amazed at how much the band reminded me of Led Zeppelin.  However, I was simply blown away by the great original songs that they produced on their debut EP.  Now, the guys have followed it up with their first full length album and after my first spin, I’m really impressed.

The opening track, Age Of Man has a bit of a different sound than what I heard in the first two, previously released singles. Most notably, the addition of keyboards that deliver the song, like a drifting ship along a winding river.

The Cold Wind follows, with a nice guitar riff that opens the uptempo track.  It’s a really nice straight ahead rock n’ roll song that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

When The Curtain Falls is simply fantastic.  It was released as the first single from the album, and rightfully so as it simply explodes with raw rock energy.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve listened to this one about a hundred times now and it doesn’t get old. It’s an instant classic and the perfect radio single.

Watching Over slows the tempo down a bit, but doesn’t disappoint by any means. It’s a solid rocker with a more mature tone and feel to it. A rare feat these days, as most rock albums are released primarily on the weight of one or two singles. While Watching Over doesn’t feel like a single, it also doesn’t feel like fluff or filler. It’s pure album oriented rock, that adds to the overall strength of Anthem Of The Peaceful Army as a complete package.

Next up we have the second single released, which is Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer) .  It’s a great epic sounding rock song that’s not afraid to let the band explore musically into more experimental territory.

You’re The One is an upbeat acoustic based song that definitely has the sound of classic rock from days gone by.

With The New DayGreta Van Fleet continues to explore new territory, again on the acoustic side of things.  It’s a nice uptempo rocker that’s almost irresistible. You’ll be tapping your foot along with this one.

Opening with some great slide guitar, Mountain Of The Sun delivers yet a different side to the band.  It’s a fun song that’s also suited for radio airplay. It’s unique, in most ways and sees vocalist Josh Kiszka experimenting with some different vocal techniques.

Brave New World, has a different rhythm, vocally and it packs quite a punch. I would consider it another great album track.

The final song on the album is appropriately titled, Anthem.  It’s a great choice to close out the album with a solid finish.

I’m impressed with the maturity of this album. While the band will probably always have to deal with being compared to the mighty Led Zeppelin, the fact is, they’re not Led Zeppelin. I mean that in a good way. This album sees the band experimenting a little more and reaching in a few different directions.  So, yes, at times they will absolutely remind you of Zeppelin, but, I also feel like they are doing their best to be themselves.  They haven’t abandoned the sound that got them so much attention in the first place, but Anthem Of A Peaceful Army feels like the band are finding their own musical direction.  Musically the band sounds tight and the songs are all superbly crafted. While Greta Van Fleet’s sound is reminiscent of retro rock, it’s a breath of fresh air in the otherwise, stale, cookie cutter, rock radio sound that’s being broadcast these days. . I sincerely hope that any naysayers, who have accused the band of being Zeppelin clones, will give this album a chance and listen to it as a true Greta Van Fleet sounding album, Zeppelin influences or not.  And just for the record, If you could sing like Robert Plant or play guitar like Jimmy Page, you’d do it in a New York minute!  This is one of the most complete and solid rock albums of 2018.  It’s certainly a contender for rock album of the year.  If you’re a fan of great rock music, pick this album up the day it comes out! It’s simply spectacular!

Artist: Greta Van Fleet
Album: Anthem Of The Peaceful Army
Genre: Rock
Label: Republic Records
Release Date: October 19, 2018

Track Listing:

01. Age Of Man
02. The Cold Wind
03. When The Curtain Falls
04. Watching Over
05. Lover, Leaver
06. You’re The One
07. The New Day
08. Mountain Of The Sun
09. Brave New World
10. Anthem


Band Members:

Josh Kiszka
Jake Kiszka
Sam Kiszka
Danny Wagner




U.D.O. Announce New Album And Release First SingleArtist: U.D.O.
Album: Steelfactory
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: August 31, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Once again. former Accept vocalist, Udo Dirkshneider has returned with a brilliant new album entitled “Steelfactory”. The album kicks off with the very metal track “Tongue Reaper”.  This track hits you hard, fast and furiously with blazing guitars. pounding drums and of course Udo’s familiar vocal screams. The second track “Make The Move” literally sounds like a long lost Accept song and will not disappoint fans of Accept or Udo’s solo career. “Keeper Of My Soul” shows a different side of the band’s sound with a great melodic chorus, making it an instant hit. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed most of U.D.O.‘s albums, this one comes in as one of the best of his career. Throughout you get great blistering tracks like “Raise The Game”, Blood On Fire”, “Hungry And Angry” and the wicked sounding “A Bite OF Evil” which completely cements this album as an instant metal classic. Fans of the old school metal, lift up your metal horns in rejoice and all hail the greatness that this album brings. Along with Judas Priest’s Firepower, Steelfactory is a contender for metal album of the year. If you miss the old days of pounding Teutonic metal, pick up a copy of U.D.O.’s Steelfactory and relive the glory days of true metal greatness.

Track Listing:

01.Tongue Reaper
02.Make The Move
03.Keeper Of My Soul
04.In The Heat Of The Night
05.Raise The Game
06.Blood On Fire
07.Rising High
08.Hungry And Angry
09.One Heart One Soul
10.A Bite Of Evil
12.Rose In The Desert
13.The Way

Band Members:

Udo Dirkschneider (Vocals)
Andrey Smirnov (Guitars)
Fitty Wienhold (Bass)
Sven Dirkschneider (Drums)




Stephen Pearcy - View to a Thrill (Review)Stephen Pearcy – View To A Thrill 


Extra! Extra! Read all about it….The latest news headlines should read Stephen Pearcy releases great new Ratt album, on his own!  Why? Because the material on Pearcy’s latest release “View To A Thrill” sounds so much like Ratt, that only the names differentiates them.  Yeah, I know….A bunch of you are going to jump in and say it’s not Ratt without Warren, Juan or Bobby performing.  But, I’m going to argue otherwise.  First of all, Stephen Pearcy is Ratt! I love the original band and the new breed of Ratt sounds really good as well, but nothing sounds like the Ratt sound without Pearcy on vocals.  Oh sure, the other band members tried to replace Pearcy with Jizzy Pearl once, but let’s be honest, it didn’t sound like Ratt, even with most of the original band backing him.  So, now that I’ve got all of that out of the way….let’s talk about this album.  Stephen shows off his love for James Bond films throughout this album with titles like “U Only Live Twice”, “Sky Falling” and of course the title is a play on words for the movie “A View To A Kill”.  While I would love to see the original members of Ratt reform and release a follow up to the great “Infestation” album, it’s not likely to happen.  And frankly, if you listen to this album I think you’ll feel like this is the follow up.  The songs on this album are a all classic sounding Pearcy and some of the best solo work he’s done yet. Using the James Bond reference, guitarist Erik Ferentinos is Pearcy’s secret weapon from Q.  His guitar solos are incredible and it’s some of the best classic metal riffs you’ll hear in a long while.  Rounding out the band, Matt Thorne whom you may know from Rough Cutt and Scott Coogan are both rock n’ roll veterans who helped to put the icing on the cake. Pearcy’s vocals sound really strong and great throughout the whole “View To A Thrill” album.  Stand out songs for me include the fantastic “U Only Live Twice” and “I’m A Ratt”, but honestly this entire album should please any fan of Stephen’s solo work and especially fans of the almighty Ratt. As both a longtime Ratt and Stephen Pearcy fan, I simply couldn’t be more thrilled with this album. Don’t miss getting this album. This will easily be one of the top albums for 2018. It’s one hell of good time. It’s like an adrenaline rush from a roller coaster,  as soon as it’s over, you’ll be ready to go again.

Artist: Stephen Pearcy
Album: View to a Thrill 
Genre: Classic Metal
Label: Frontiers music Srl.
Release Date: November 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Track Listing:

01.U Only Live Twice

02.Sky Falling


04.One In A Million

05.Double Shot

06.Secrets To Tell

07.Not Killin’ Me

08.Dangerous Thing

09.I’m A Ratt

10.From The Inside



Band Members:

Stephen Pearcy-Lead Vocal-Back Ups

Erik Ferentinos – ALL guitars – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Back Up Vocals, Keys

Matt Thorne – Bass Guitars, Keys, Back Up Vocals

Scot Coogan – Drums




All Star Metal Band Dream Child to Release Debut Album "Until Death Do We Meet Again"Artist: Dream Child 
Album: Until Death Do We Meet Again
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: September 14, 2018


Dream Child are a real supergroup of musicians that seemingly were brought together by the gods of metal. With members of Dream Childhaving previously played in bands like Dio, Giuffria, MSG, AC/DC, Operation: Mindcrime, Quiet Riot, Ozzy, and Whitesnake how could this not be spectacular? And the band stands up to all of the hype and then some.  Starting with the fantastic “Under The Wire” the band kick off with a song that very easily could have been on one of the early Dio albums, with Diego Valdez sounding remarkably like Ronnie James Dio at times.  This is a who’s who of rock musicians who made the 80’s rock scene rise to the top of the charts and the forefront of the music world. I know that I already mentioned Dio, but seriously, this is as close as you’re likely to get to a record that recalls the mastery of Dio‘s solo career, especially since three of the band members played in Dio themselves.  This is destined to be on everyone’s top albums of 2018 list.  Every song on this album is done with exceptional musicianship and instantly sticks in your memory banks. It’s the type of rock album that just gets better with each repeat listen. This album will make many listeners feel like they stepped back in time. To a time where metal ruled the radio airwaves, MTV and the concert arenas.  This is without a doubt one of the best albums of the year.  Each and every song stands strong without anything sounding like fluff or filler.  This is a modern day classic that no one should miss out on. Congratulations to Dream Child for being able to not only deliver the goods, but deliver it in style. Pop your knuckles and get those metal horns flying. Loosen your neck muscles for the impending headbanging.  Dream Child’s Until Death Do We Meet Again is a wild ride and a pure metal masterpiece!

Track Listing:

01 Under The Wire 5:43
02 You Can’t Take Me Down 7:21
03 Games Of Shadows 5:59
04 It Is What It Is 4:25
05 Playing With Fire 4:22
06 Light Of The Dark 5:05
07 Midnight Song 4:25
08 Until Death Do We Meet Again 7:49
09 Washed Upon The Shore 6:43
10 In A World So Cold 4:28
11 Weird World 5:45
12 One Step Beyond The Grave 8:53


Band Members:

Craig Goldy: Guitars (ex-Dio, Giuffria)

Wayne Findlay: Guitars and Keyboards (ex- MSG)

Simon Wright: Drums (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime)

Rudy Sarzo: Bass (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio)

Diego Valdez: Vocals (Helker)




Ministry Sign With Nuclear Blast records To Release New Album AmeriKKKantArtist: Ministry
Album: AmeriKKKant
Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Al Jourgensen has returned with one of the best Ministry albums in years.  Uncle Al, the undisputed godfather of industrial rock has reclaimed his title as the rightful king of blistering industrial metal with AmeriKKKant. Filled with social commentary, Al has something to be angry about again, and this time it’s none other than U.S. President, Donald Trump. In fact most of this album is an outright smack in the mouth to the current administration and the policies of political corruption. Of course, Ministry is no stranger to this territory, after all, there was a whole trilogy about the George W. Bush presidency. Now, depending on your political views, you may absolutely love or hate the subject matter of AmeriKKKant. I would assume that the title and album cover should be enough warning to those who are right-leaning politically. Like him or hate him, Al Jourgensen stands up for what he believes and stands behind his convictions. Musically, this album is much more solid than the last few releases. A large part of this is because Al has brought back some of the great musicians that have contributed to the lineup in the past. Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto do a great job as the tag team guitarists. Tony Campos is back and the heavy bass he brings really adds to the low-end of these songs. Derek Abrams drumming is a real shot in the arm, as opposed to the drum machines used frequently on the last few albums. Without a doubt, my favorite track on AmeriKKKant is Antifa. It’s hard hitting and brooding. It should easily appeal to fans of Ministry‘s hits N.W.O. and Just One FixVictims Of A Clown is a great track that builds in intensity and power. We’re Tired Of It is another brutally heavy delivery of musical napalm that simply dares you to try and sit still as the musical fire burns hotter and hotter. Twilight Zone is filled with Trump samples, blistering vocals and heaviness throughout that clocks in at over 8 minutes long. It brings to mind the Filth Pig sound for me. Wargasmis another superior track that again hearkens back to the greatness of albums like Psalm 69 and Rio Grande Blood. But, lest you think this album is a pure throwback to the past, think again. There is a lot going on musically with AmeriKKKant. If anything it sounds like an updated Ministry on steroids. Al is an incredible producer and mixer and it shows here. The sound quality is excellent throughout and Al likes to bring his cool sonic vision to these songs. Listen to the album with headphones and you’ll get the full effect. If heavy music is your thing, do yourself a favor and go buy this album right now. No one does this type of music better than Ministry. No one!


Track Listing:                         

1. I Know Words

2. Twilight Zone

3. Victims Of A Clown

4. TV 5/4 Chan

5. We’re Tired Of It

6. Wargasm

7. Antifa

8. Game Over

9. AmeriKKKa


Band Members:

Al Jourgensen, guitars, vox;
John Bechdel, keyboards;
Sin Quirin, guitars;
Tony Campos, bass;
Cesar Soto,guitars;
Derek Abrams, drums;
DJ Swamp, turntables







Leather Leone Releases First Video From New Solo Album "Lost At Midnite"Leather -II

Review: Blown away! …That’s what I am with one listen of Leather Leone’s second solo album, appropriately titled IIThis IS heavy metal!Bringing to mind epic rock bands like Judas Priest, Dio and Iron MaidenLeather has released what almost feels to me, like her first true solo album. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Shock Waves, but there’s something really different about her new album. It’s like she’s been holding back and finally decided to drop any inhibitions and any past version of herself and unleash one of the best albums that I’ve heard in years. If you’re not familiar with Leather, where have you been? She’s been the long time vocalist in guitar virtuoso, David Chastain‘s band for years and has always deserved more credit than she’s ever gotten. The album kicks off with “Juggernaut” and it simply comes out of the gates with all guns blazing. It’s heavy and crushing with Leather‘s vocals riding it like a surfer on a tsunami. With great songs like “The Outsider”, “Lost At Midnite”, Annabelle (which has an awesome Black Sabbath feel to it), “Let Me Kneel” and “American Woman” (where she sets the record straight for anyone thinks she can’t hold her own). In the world of female metal singers, Leather Leone proves that she belongs at the top of the list along such great vocalists as Doro Pesch, Lita Ford, Maria Brink and Lzzy Hale. But let’s forget about gender for a moment….Leatherbelongs at the top of the list of both male and female singers. Her vocals still have the power and intensity that most singers would kill to have. Congratulations to Leather and her band for releasing such a spectacular, straight up metal album. It hits the shelves on April 13th and if you’re a metal fan, you’d be foolish to miss it!

Artist: Leather
Album: II
Genre: Metal
Label: Divebomb Records
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Track Listing:

01 Juggernaut
02 The Outsider
03 Lost at Midnite
04 Black Smoke
05 The One
06 Annabelle
07 Hidden in the Dark
08 Sleep Deep
09 Let Me Kneel
10 American Woman
11 Give Me Reason

Band Members:

Leather Leone – Lead Vocals
Vinnie Tex – Lead, Rhythm and Harmony Guitars
Daemon Ross – Lead Guitars
Thiago Velasquez – Bass Guitar
Braulio Drumond – Drums






Jungle Rot is currently celebrating their 25th year as a band and their new self-titled album may just be the best of their career.  You can’t go wrong with this brilliant metal masterpiece.  I have long touted Jungle Rot as one of the best in a genre that includes Kreator, Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Destruction and more.  It’s raw in your face, straight up metal, but it’s also done with technical prowess and the results are pure bliss for any headbanger. Send Forth Oblivion bursts out of the gate immediately as the first track on the album and it’s an explosive way to start the record. Rhythmically, it reminds me a lot of Ministry‘s heavy riffing, which I happen to rank among my favorites. Great tracks include A Burning Cinder, Triggered,  and a great cover of Kreator’s Terrible Certainty.   Musically, the band is on fire and sound as tight as ever. The sound quality and production on this album is primed for metal ears and sounds absolutely terrific. Heavy and brutal throughout, Jungle Rot‘s self titled album is one of the best metal albums released in 2018, thus far.


Artist: Jungle Rot
Album: Jungle Rot
Genre: Metal
Label: Victory Records
Release Date: July 20, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Track Listing:

1 – Send Forth Oblivion
2 – Delusional Denial
3 – A Burning Cinder
4 – Triggered
5 – Fearmonger (featuring Schmier)
6 – Stay Dead
7 – Glory For The Fallen
8 – Pumped Full Of Lead
9 – Twisted Mind
10 – Terrible Certainty (Kreator)

Band Members:

Dave Matrise: Vocals/Guitars
James Genenz: Bass
Geoff Bub: Lead Guitar/Vocals




Clutch - Book Of Bad Decisions (Review)Clutch – Book Of Bad Decisions

Artist: Clutch
Album: Book Of Bad Decisions
Genre: Rock
Label: Weathermaker Music
Release Date: September 7, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Clutch have returned with another magnificent album.  This is weaponized funk!  Vocalist Neil Fallon has always been a silver tongued devil and Book of Bad Decisions is no exception.  The band rip through no less than 15 solid tracks of raucous rock n’ roll bliss.   One of the greatest assets to Clutch’s album releases is that while still always sounding like Clutch, they each have their own unique sound and personality. In “How To Shake Hands” Fallon daydreams of being President Of The United States and vowing to add Jimi Hendrix to the $20 bill and comedian Bill Hicks to the $5, while releasing all the top secret UFO info that’s been withheld. “In Walks Barbarella” sees the band experiment with adding horns to the sound to create that weaponized funk that I mentioned earlier. The band is firing on all cylinders and sound fantastic on each and every song. In today’s world, Clutch is something of an endangered species. It’s not often these days that a true rock band like this still exists, let alone maintains a strong fan base of hardcore fans. Clutch have just released one of the best rock albums of the year, as well as one of the best of their career. The album may be called Book of Bad Decisions, but adding this album to your collection is anything but a bad decision. Like so many of Clutch‘s album it’s filled with witty, often tongue and cheek lyrical observations and pure rock fury. This deserves an “11 out of 1o!”

Track Listing:

Gimme the Keys
Spirit of ’76
Book of Bad Decisions
In Walks Barbarella
How to Shake Hands
Vision Quest
Weird Times
Emily Dickinson
A Good Fire
Ghoul Wrangler
Sonic Counselor
H.B. Is in Control
Hot Bottom Feeder
Paper & Strife

Band Members:

Neil Fallon-Vocals/Guitar

Jean-Paul Gaster-Drums

Dan Maines-Bass

Tim Sult-Guitar

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