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White Void – Anti (Review)

White Void - Anti (Review)
White Void - Anti (Review)


White Void has released an interesting album with “Anti”.  With a retro-roc sound that’s filled with a bit of 70s-esque sounds and a nice mix of psych-rock, the band brings an interesting dynamic to the table.  The opening track “Do.Not.Sleep.” has an eerie and macabre feel.  This sentiment is carried throughout the entire album.  Fans of Ghost will really dig what White Void is doing here.  Musically, the band keeps you feeling like you’re on a time trip to the past, while somehow sounding authentic in the present time as well.  The keyboards definitely help to create mysterious vibes throughout the course of the record.  The lyrics are always interesting and combine quite well with the ethereal undertow of the music.  Standout songs for me include the opener “Do.Not.Sleep.”, “The Fucking Violence Of Love”, the heavier “This Apocalypse Is For You” and the really groovy, over 7 minute psych-out track “The Air Was Thick With Smoke”. 

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