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Wednesday 13 Live Show Brings Chills, Thrills And Kills

Wednesday 13 Live Show Brings Chills, Thrills And Kills

Halloween may already be over for you, but it’s never over for Wednesday 13.  I see a lot of concerts in my profession, but I don’t always see a show.  Wednesday 13 puts on one hell of a show that is equally as interesting visually as it is musically.

I caught their show in Tampa, Florida on November 16th.  Prior to the show, I spoke with Wednesday 13 and inquired about what I should expect.  Most of the material performed was from the two latest albums “Condolences” and the brand new album “Necrophaze”. He explained that the band is really taking it to the next level with theatrical elements and would have no less than seven costume changes throughout his set.  True to his word, the lights went down, the song “Necrophaze” began and out came what looked like a contorted alien being, complete with lighting elements, voodoo hat, and other assorted gear.  As it turns out, Wednesday 13 is actually facing away from the crowd with a mask on the back of his head facing the audience.  The effect is actually quite eerie as the movements of the backward body seem exceptionally creepy.  He removed the head to reveal another mask on his actual face.

As the show continued, he turned around to face the audience wearing a ski mask and fluorescent makeup, complete with a menacing knife for the track “Zodiac Killer”.  Each layer and costume change revealed yet another character in the spooky arsenal of Wednesday 13.  The band ripped through great songs like “Prey For Me”, “Decompose”, “What The Night Brings”, “Keep Watching The Skies” and the now-classic audience sing-along, “I Love To Say Fuck”. 

Wednesday 13 said he believed that the current band was the best lineup so far and I have to say that I totally agree with him.  The band was impressive throughout and the audience was mesmerized with the spookiness of this incredible live presentation.  There are still a few live tour dates left on the schedule with Static-X and you want to get your money’s worth and see a real show, get out and get your ticket before it sells out.  It’s an epic concert performance that you’ll not soon forget.
















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