Watch Yngwie Malmsteen Try To Break The World’s First Smash Proof Guitar

Watch Yngwie Malmsteen Try To Break The World's First Smash Proof Guitar

Rock stars have been smashing guitars for decades and our engineers decided to test our technology by building the world’s first all-metal, smash proof guitar — and letting Yngwie Malmsteen unleash his smashing skills on it.


When the guitar was finished, Sandvik gave it to Malmsteen to play. At a club in Florida, Malmsteen ripped through several songs, then started swinging the guitar at amps, at stage structures, at the floor, doing his very best to smash it.

“This guitar is a beast!” Malmsteen said after abandoning efforts to destroy it. “Sandvik is obviously on top of their game. They put the work in, they do their hours. I can relate to that. The result is amazing. I gave everything I had, but it was impossible to smash.”

Malmsteen has a new album out entitled “Blue Lightning”

Track listing:

01. Blue Lightning
02. Foxy Lady
03. Demon’s Eye
04. 1911 Strut
05. Blue Jeans Blues
06. Purple Haze
07. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
08. Sun’s Up Top’s Down
09. Peace, Please
10. Paint It Black
11. Smoke On The Water
12. Forever Man

Bonus tracks (vinyl and deluxe CD only)

13. Little Miss Lover
14. Jumping Jack Fish


More about the Smash-Proof Guitar:

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