Wake Up Hate – Deep Sleep (Review)

Wake Up Hate - Deep Sleep (Review)

Artist: Wake Up Hate
Album: Deep Sleep
Genre: Modern Metal
Label: 889903 Records DK2
Release Date: May 17, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


If you like modern metal rocks with a radio-friendly sound, Wake Up Hate is for you.  I hear a lot of similarities to the almighty Linkin Park.  Mind you, their not ripping off the aforementioned masters of angsty metal, but they manage to challenge a lot of the same emotions and feelings throughout this EP.  There’s a little bit of pop edge here and there to drop everything down a bit, only to build it back up to a frenzy with a heavy rock beat.  Lyrically, Wake Up Hate seems to be more mature than many of the bands out there now and musically they’re very tight and synced on this outing.  They have a  very mature sound for a debut release. The band holds a lot of promise for the future with great tracks like “The Cycle”, “Deep Sleep” and “Love Me Like A Hurricane”.  Rock radio should take notice of these guys.  Don’t be surprised if you hear these songs on your local rock station.  Wake Up Hate is primed for the majors.

Track Listing:

1) The Cycle
2) A New Way to Hate
3) Over the Edge
4) Deep Sleep
5) Love Me Like a Hurricane
6) Not Worth Saving
7) Blind Apologies

Band Members:

Jake Adkins
Matt Browning
Triston Blaize



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