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Vio-Lence | California Uber Alles (Review)

Vio-Lence | California Uber Alles (Review)

Vio-lence’s cover of The Dead Kennedys’ song California Uber Alles proves two things…One, that Vio-lence is still a force to be reckoned with their first recorded song since 1994 and two, that the message behind this song is unfortunately still relevant today, 40 years after it was first released.  Just remove the name Jerry Brown in the lyrics and replace the politician that you dislike the most and it’s straight from today’s headlines.  I really like this metalized version of the song and the band not only does it justice but it’s just different enough to be a unique version.  Here’ hoping that Vio-lence gets back to recording an album of new material soon because this track really delivers the goods.

Vio-Lence line-up:
Sean Killian – Vocals
Perry Strickland – Drums
Phil Demmel – Guitars
Bobby Gustafson – Guitars
Christian Olde Wolbers – Bass

Vio-Lence online:

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