Veins – Innocence

Artist: Veins
Album: Innocence
Genre: Metal
Label: Extreme Metal Music
Release Date: June 16, 2017

Veins is an outstanding extreme metal band sounding somewhere along the lines of Kreator and occasionally like Ministry. The band thrashes away yet keeps a consistent heavy beat that shows musical prowess as well as the ability to flat out rock.  These newcomers have released Innocence, their debut album and it’s far better than many band’s third or fourth album that have been in the business for years. My favorite track is Reflections which has a very Al Jourgensen-esque (Ministry) quality to it. The band shows it’s versatility with tracks like Dying, Innocence and Time Doesn’t Exist. The latter having a super heavy bass line that’s irresistible. Part I, Part II and Bullet In The Head are full on thrashers that show the bands power as well as their great sense of musical timing.  I couldn’t be more impressed with a band’s debut album than I am with Innocence by Veins. The lyrical content is introspective and intelligent. The musicianship is first rate and perfectly executed. This is a band to watch and a band that I’m absolutely sure to hear more about in the coming year.  I simply can’t stop listening to this one over and over again. Take it from me,  this is one you don’t want to miss if you like heavy thrash.

Track Listing:
01. Animula Vagula Blandula
02. Part I
03. Dawn
04. Reflections
05. Part II
06. Dying
07. Bullet In The Head
08. Innocence
09. Take My Hand
10. Time Doesn’t Exist

Band Members:
Francesco De Canio – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Lorenzo Natale – Lead Guitar
Fabio Romano – Bass
Riccardo Piazza – Drums

You can buy the MP3 version from Amazon right here.



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