Unmaker – Firmament (Review)

Unmaker - Firmament (Review)


Fans of The Cure, take note….You’re going to want to hear Unmaker! So, lets start with the fact that Unmaker sound remarkably similar to the classic alternative rock band, The Cure.  So what’s wrong with that? Nothing as far as I’m concerned.  Vocalist Aaron Mitchell does a great job of channeling the Robert Smith vocal style.  Musically, the band goes a little harder with their sound and the guitar has a bit more of a fuzzy tone throughout.  I sort of think of Unmaker as bringing back that retro rock sound of yesterday, along the same way that Greta Van Fleet has done with sounding very similar to Led Zeppelin. Unmaker know how to craft quality songs and deliver them with a delightfully gothic rock soundscape.  Firmament is a great album and proof that when a classic rock sound has been gone long enough, it’s quite refreshing to hear it return.  This is far better than most of the current alternative dribble that’s being thrown around these days.  The band shows incredible promise with this debut release.  I am looking forward to hearing more from Unmaker in the future, as they certainly are undeniably talented and memorable. This the best new alternative, gothic rock album you’ll hear this year, hands down.

Artist: Unmaker
Album: Firmament
Genre: Alternative
Label: 1019634 Records DK
Release Date:  October 19, 2019


Track Listing:

01. Horizon of Cognition

02. Cryosleeper

03. Children of the Clouds

04. Used Future

05. Black Ribbons, White Roses

06. Into the Wild

07. Through the Firmament

08. Sura / I

09. Thaumiel


Band Members:

Vocals – Aaron Mitchell
Guitar- Jim Reed
Bass – Chris Compton
Drums – Brandon Whittaker
Synth, Keys, Lights – Damion Champe

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