Unearth -Extinction(s) (Review)


Incomparable heaviness rains down upon the head of the listener of Unearth’s latest masterpiece “Extinction(s).  A brutally heavy metal album from beginning to end, it’s relentlessness will have you pummeled into dust before it’ reaches it’s finish.  Starting with the incredible song “Incinerate”, the band simply shreds your hearing, imagination and ultimately your existence with this warning of impending doom. These are some of the best songs ever recorded by Unearth.  Like a machine programmed to destroy,  the band deliver the goods song after song.  If your requirement for metal is that it must be heavy….you have found the mother lode with this album.  This album shows Unearth to be a worthy successor to the heavier metal bands that have been slowly leaving the game, like Slayer and Pantera.  The band sounds tight and completely in sync while maintaining a brutal, almost primitive sound.  Metal fans rejoice. You have found one of the best pure metal albums to be released in 2018.   Now, go and spread the word, so that others may bask in it’s perfection.

Artist: Unearth
Album: Extinction(s)
Genre: Metal
Label: Century Media
Release Date: November 23, 2018

Track Listing:

01 Incinerate 4:00
02 Dust 3:53
03 Survivalist 4:15
04 Cultivation of Infection 3:54
05 The Hunt Begins 3:56
06 Hard Lined Downfall 3:11
07 King of the Arctic 4:00
08 Sidewinder 2:51
09 No Reprisal 3:21
10 One With the Sun 4:38

Band Members:

Trevor Phipps – Vocals
Ken Susi – Guitar
Buz McGrath – Guitar
Nick Pierce – Drums
Chris O’Toole – Bass

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