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Todd La Torre – Rejoice In The Suffering (Review)

Todd La Torre - Rejoice In The Suffering (Review)


Current Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre has released his first solo album and its balls to the walls metal. Taking things heavier than the sound of most Queensryche albums, Rejoice In Suffering is simply incredible.  While you will find the occasional song or verse that will remind you of Queensryche, most of this album is much, much heavier. The fact that he went full blast metal on this album is really refreshing.  While it’s not quite death metal, it is closer in sound to bands like Nevermore and the heavier side of Judas Priest, and Accept.  The separation in sound from his other band is good too because it gives you more than one style of music to like from La Torre. Todd is a well-trained musician in various musical instruments as well as having quite the vocal range.  That vocal range is on full display in this album. Starting out with Dogmata, (one of my personal favorites) La Torre wails like a possessed Banshee in an incredible performance that shouldn’t be missed.  It’s quickly followed up by another outstanding track called “Pretenders” where his vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford. La Torre gets the benefit of creating a modern-day metal masterpiece while keeping his current day job fully intact with “Rejoice In Suffering”.  Songs like “Crossroads to Insanity” and “Critical Cynic” lean a little more into Queensryche territory and I hear a little bit of the Bruce Dickinson style in La Torre’s performance here. If nothing else what you get here is a fantastic metal album and one hell of a resume for Todd La Torre himself as he shows off his full vocal capabilities with a chameleon-like quality that is simply outstanding. Pick this album at your first opportunity. If you’re a metal fan, you’ll never regret adding this to your collection. Rejoice In Suffering will be on a lot of “Best Metal Album” lists for 2021 and rightfully so! This gets a full five out of five stars review!

Dogmata 3:31
Pretenders 4:11
Hellbound and Down 3:40
Darkened Majesty 4:08
Crossroads to Insanity 5:08
Critical Cynic 3:56
Rejoice in the Suffering 4:35
Vexed 5:53
Vanguards of the Dawn Wall 3:39
Apology 6:01
Fractured (Bonus Track) 3:51
Set it Off (Bonus Track) 4:06
One by One (Bonus Track) 5:57

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