Tim Gaines Selling Bass Used To Record Stryper’s “No More Hell To Pay” Album

Stryper's Tim Gaines Hits Back At Social Media Bullies

Direct From Tim Gaines Facebook Page:


Hey collectors, I’m putting this bass up for sale. This has been my main recording P bass for many years now.

It was used exclusively on the Stryper No More Hell To Pay album. It can be seen briefly in the Sympathy video.

It’s a “mutt” bass that I put together for what I like.

It features an ash Fender 50’s style body (Mike Dirnt) and a Fender 50’s “Sting” signature neck.

Bad Ass II bridge and stock P bass pickups.

The maple neck is big and fat, and the bass is heavy.

It’s probably one of the sweetest sounding P basses I’ve had.

It will come in a gig bag and I will autograph the body.

I hate to sell it but Christmas is coming and I’ve got extra bills to pay since we started our new business.

I’m asking $1500 plus shipping. Serious inquiries only please email me at bazzboo49(at)gmail.com
Thanks for looking ~ TG

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