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Thundermother – Heatwave (Deluxe Edition) Review

THUNDERMOTHER release new video for single 'The Road Is Ours'


Artist: Thundermother

Album: Heatwave (Deluxe Edition)

Genre: Hard Rock

Label: AFM Records

Release Date: May 21, 2021


These ladies know how to rock! This brand new deluxe edition of the album “Heatwave” which was originally released in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, has now be released with 10 new unreleased tracks as an added bonus.  From the opening notes of Loud Alive, you get the feeling that this is one fun and rocking album.  Thundermother blends the sounds of bluesy hard rockers like AC/DC with the female vocal stylings of Lzzy Hale and it definitely puts them a head above the rest of the pack for making rock n’ roll fun again. Every track on here is a blast and considering the fact that this is the deluxe edition, is an amazing feat.  Often, deluxe just means a lot of filler tracks, but I’m digging this whole album.  The song structure is great throughout and the songs are memorable.  Having songs that stick in your mind long after listening is always a good sign of well-done song crafting.  I’m looking forward to seeing what these ladies do going forward.  If this album was released in the 80’s hair metal days, Thundermother would already be a household name.  By all means, go out and check out this great album filled with great AC/DC-like rockers.


CD1 01 – Loud And Alive | CD1 02 – Dog From Hell | CD1 03 – Back In ‘76 | CD1 04 – Into The Mud | CD1 05 – Heat Wave | CD1 06 – Sleep | CD1 07 – Driving In Style | CD1 08 – Free Ourselves | CD1 09 – Mexico | CD1 10 – Purple Sky | CD1 11 – Ghosts | CD1 12 – Somebody Love Me | CD1 13 – Bad Habits

CD2 01 – The Road Is Ours | CD2 02 – Show Me What You Got | CD2 03 – You Can´t Handle Me | CD2 04 – Driving In Style (Acoustic) | CD2 05 – Dog From Hell (Acoustic) | CD2 06 –
Sleep Feat. Jesper Binzer (Acoustic) | CD2 07 – Give Me Some Lights (Live) | CD2 08 – Thunderous (Live) | CD2 09 – Hellevator (Live) | CD2 10 – Rock’n’Roll Heaven (feat. Dregen & Pontus Snibb) |

Filippa Nässil (Guitar), Guernica Mancini (Vocals), Emlee Johansson (Drums), Majsan Lindberg (Bass)

The ‘Heat Wave Deluxe Edition’ is available here:

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