The Wizards – Rise Of The Serpent (Review)

The Wizards - Rise Of The Serpent (Review)

Artist: The Wizards
Album: Rise Of The Serpent
Genre: Metal
Label: High Roller Records
Release Date: November 9, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


The Wizards have a lot of fire and energy in their album “Rise Of The Serpent“.  With shades of Black Sabbath throughout, while incorporating a vocal style closer to Iron Maiden with Dianno at the helm.  There should be a lot for fans who like bands like “The Sword” and other doom laden stoner sounds mixed with metal. Musically, the band hits all of the right notes with this retro mix of classic sounds. My least favorite thing is probably the vocals, but they don’t prevent me from enjoying the songs. The opening song Apocalyptic Weapons gives you a taste of what to expect and the band deliver consistently throughout the entire release. Those hungry for monster drum beats and hellacious riffs have found a real treat with third album by the The Wizards.  This band has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to tracking their progression as they blast their way onto the hard rock and metal scene.

Track Listing:

01 Apocalyptic Weapons
02 Destiny
03 Circle of Time
04 Distorted Mirrors
05 Age of Man
06 Strings Synchronise
07 Aftermath
08 VOID (Vision of Inner Death)

Band Members:

Sir Ian Mason – vocals
George Dee – guitar
Phil The Pain – guitar
Baraka Boy – bass
Dave O. Spare – drums

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