The Veer Union – Decade II: Rock & Acoustic (Review)

The Veer Union - Decade II: Rock & Acoustic (Review)


Listening to the new album by The Veer Union makes me wonder how on earth is this band not poised a the top of the radio airplay list and Billboard charts. I mean this album is some of the best material that the band has ever released.  It’s a really nice balance between heavy rock tracks and acoustic melody that really allow the band to be story tellers with these songs. The lyrics are written with intelligence and style that allow the listener to be transported to another place for a while.  Opening the album is the sensational “Living Not Alive” that really cements the band’s presence as a true force. Other great tracks include “Save Yourself” which should be destined to be a #1 hit on rock radio, Last Regret and Letting Go. The acoustic material is spectacular as well and sort of helps the material to be viewed in a different light, almost as if it were a book with multiple endings. Crispin Earl has a fantastic voice and resonates throughout the album. Heavy rock fans of both traditional rock and alternative rock should be able to find common ground here as the album seamlessly blends the sounds of both to deliver a knockout. If Decade II by The Veer Union doesn’t get your blood pumping, there is a good chance that you might not even be alive. A solid 5 out of 5 stars and one of the best heavy rock records to be released this year!


Artist: The Veer Union
Album: Decade II: Rock & Acoustic
Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Rock Shop Entertainment (RSE)
Release Date: August 31, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Track Listing:

01. Living Not Alive

02. Save Yourself

03. Embrace the Day

04. City of the Sun

05. Man into Machine

06. Last Regret

07. Awaken

08. Letting Go

09. Epic (feat. Amalien)

10. Numb (Acoustic)

11. Save Yourself (Acoustic)

12. City of the Sun (Acoustic)

13. Living Not Alive (Acoustic)

14. Man into Machine (Acoustic)

15. Awaken (Acoustic)


Band Members:

Crispin Earl
Ryan Ramsdell
Dan Sittler
Ricardo Viana

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