The Ghosts Of Lovers

The Ghosts Of Lovers

Artist: The Ghosts Of Lovers
Album: The Ghosts Of Lovers
Genre: Rock / Alternative/ Glam-Punk
Label: Angels In Exile
Release Date: November 2016

What do you get if you mix Hanoi Rocks, Bauhaus and the Sex Pistols? Well, I’d say you’d probably get the debut album by “The Ghosts Of Lovers”. I suppose if I had to pick just one band that they most remind me of, it would be Hanoi Rocks. Mind you, there’s more to their sound than the just the influence of the aforementioned three bands, though. You definitely get a sense of their appreciation for 1970’s rock from all genres. At times I can hear some T. Rex, David Bowie and even a little of the Rolling Stones mixed into their sound. The sound quality of the production is really good on the studio tracks and the band meshes together well. Musically, the band has a great sound and a lot of talent that comes through on this debut. My favorite tracks are Tonight, Don’t Be Afraid, So Lonely, The  Light Of My Sanity and That Girl. But, overall the songs are all solid and give you a taste of the bands energy and ability. So Lonely especially leaps out at me with it’s absolutely ferocious slide guitar and grittiness. If you’re looking for something different than today’s cookie cutter bands that all have the same sound, then you should really check out “The Ghost Of Lovers”. The band really shines on this debut album with a nod to the past and a hint to the future. The Ghost Of Lovers are a supersonic blast of fresh energy into an otherwise stagnant current rock scene.

Track Listing:
01 Tonight
02 Iona
03 Don’t Be Afraid
04 So Lonely
05 The Light of My Sanity
06 Another Time
07 Sweet Sensitive Young Thing
08 (Requiem For) Candy
09 Souls on Fire
10 Drowning in The Sea of Madness
11 That Girl
Bonus Tracks
12 Who’s To Blame (Live)
13 Soldier of The Heart (Live)
14 Another Time (Live)
15 That Girl (Live)

Band Members:
-Kevin MacDonald: Vocals
-Guy Bourseau: Lead Guitar
-Steve Perry: Rhythm Guitar
-Kevin Sargeant: Bass
-Steve Pegrum: Drums

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