The End Machine – The End Machine (Review)

Dokken Without Don, The End Machine Release New Song Called "Burn The Truth"

Artist: The End Machine
Album: The End Machine
Genre: Metal / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: March 22, 2019



While I have jokingly referred to The End Machine as Dokken without Don, musically it could have easily been labeled as a Lynch Mob album.  Yes, all of the members minus vocalist Robert Mason (Warrant, Lynch Mob) were in Dokken, but the band seems to have purposely tried not to sound like classic Dokken in most cases.  However, it’s really not that hard to imagine Don Dokken singing on these tracks either.  Essentially what I’m getting at is the apple didn’t fall from the tree, but it’s not exactly Dokken either. The production quality is quite bass heavy and smooth, but it stills allows George Lynch‘s monster guitar tone to shine.  Lynch’s solos are other-wordly and this album is no exception.  Leap Of Faith was a good opening song for the album, which sets a high energy feeling for the album.  I really like the slower, dark-blues soaked hard rock of Bulletproof.  It’s a nice track with a lot of swagger.  To my ears “Burn The truth” sounds the most like what could have been a Dokken track.  It’s not quite a power ballad, but close.  It sounds very familiar to the material on Dokken’s Dysfunctional album.  I honestly like the entire album as a whole, but it feels more like a complete rock album, rather than an attempt to create a bunch of hit singles.  Current fans of George Lynch‘s bands and his regular output with various side projects will probably be the happiest with “The End Machine”.  Lynch has an unmistakable sound that you instantly recognize when you hear it.  Since branching out with Lynch Mob and other bands, he’s developed more variety in his playing styles, which is another reason that this doesn’t sound like an 80’s Dokken album.  All in all, this a well done rock album that should appeal to 80’s rock fans but also has a touch of modern rock in it as well.  For those wanting this to be Dokken, you’ll have to wait and see if the original band decides to work together on another album for that, but for those who appreciate these musicians and their ability to move forward with new music, this is an outstanding hard rock album that stands on it’s own.

Track Listing:

1.Leap Of Faith

2. Hold Me Down

3. No Game

4. Bulletproof

5. Ride It

6. Burn the Truth

7. Hard Road

8. Alive Today

9. Line of Division

10. Sleeping Voices

11. Life Is Love Is Music


Band Members:

George Lynch: Guitar

Jeff Pilson: Bass

Mick Brown: Drums

Robert Mason: Vocals

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