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The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground (Review)

The Dead Daisies - Holy Ground (Review)


The Dead Daisies are one of those bands with a unique concept.  While it’s consistently a band, it doesn’t always have the same members. Recently, former Motley Crue and Scream vocalist John Corabi was fronting the band, but former Deep Purple, Black Sabbath vocalist Glenn Hughes takes the helm on the new “Holy Ground” album. I have to admit I was quite used to hearing Corabi’s voice with the band as he had performed that role on three of the first four albums by The Dead Daisies.  However, things change and I know Hughes’ work very well as he is now legendary in the hard rock world as both a bassist and vocalist.  The album starts out with a full-throttle rocker “Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)”. Hughes’ smoother voice actually works quite well here and throughout the album.  One of the catchiest songs on this release has to be “Like No Other” (Bassline).  It’s got a great groove and locks into your brain almost immediately. The band mixes a nice rock n’ roll sound with bluesy influences, which Glenn Hughes is really suited for. One of my favorites is the single “Bustle And Flow”, which has a bit of a Led Zeppelin sound to it courtesy of guitarist Doug Aldrich.  The band works seamlessly on this outing with Doug Aldrich ripping up the fretboard as always, Deen Castronovo is one of the best drummers on the planet, and Hughes’ vocals sweeten the deal like a little bit of honey in a cup of tea. As much as I miss Corabi, there is no doubt that Glenn Hughes has performed at a top-notch level which morphs the band just a little with a smoother overall feel.  Sure, it’s not as gritty as the past few albums, but this is one hell of an album that deserves its rightful place in a year where good rock albums are few and far between. Check this one out when it’s released on January 22nd, 2021…it’s a modern-day classic album with a nod to the rock n’ roll sound of days gone by.


01. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory) 4:49
02. Like No Other (Bassline) 3:39
03. Come Alive 3:50
04. Bustle And Flow 3:40
05. My Fate 4:28
06. Chosen And Justified 3:43
07. Saving Grace 4:08
08. Unspoken 4:47
09. 30 Days In The Hole 3:40
10. Righteous Days 4:11
11. Far Away 7:03


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