Super Drama In The L.A. Guns Camp Again…..

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, there’s some serious tension and drama going on between Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns on one side and Steve Riley on the other.  So here’s the shortened version of what seems to be happening….

So first, this post from drummer Steve Riley…

What’s up gypsies! I’ll be at M3 next year and I can’t wait to rock out with you all. I’ll be bringing alumni from LAG from over the years with a couple surprises. Really looking forward to seeing you guys! Tix go on sale on December 19.

Then a flurry of responses on Facebook from Phil Lewis…

M3 is having a dig at me Tracii and the band because we chose not to participate in last years fiasco so knowing that leach Riley has part ownership of the name decided to exhume the crypt keeper and offer him 3 grand to put something together that will allow the event to post LAGuns on the marquee with zero fucks given that the fans will be confused and disappointed.

Tracii The band and I couldn’t be happier to sit a safe distance and watch this train wreck unfold
Without doubt this will be the juiciest set of the event and we don’t have to be there to clean up.
M3 I’m choked you treat me like this after so much energy I’ve devoted to the festival but seeing what depths you go I’m relieved to not play this gig ever again.

After Scott Griffin was announced as one of the members joining Riley’s version of L.A. Guns, Lewis had this to say:

Great. A drummer who can’t play anymore and a bass player that never could.

Just to be clear. We’re not playing the M3 festival this year but this guy is.














Also, it was recently announced that Kelly Nickels would be joining the Riley led version as bassist, with Scott Griffin on guitar for the M3 Festival.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to come in this war of words between the two bands….Stay tuned for more news as we get it…!


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