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Satan Reviews The New Stryper Album “Even The Devil Believes”

Satan Reviews The New Stryper Album "Even The Devil Believes"

XS ROCK has brought in Satan himself to give us his take on the new Stryper album, “Even The Devil Believes”…so without further delay, here’s the review from the Prince Of Darkness himself:

Just freakin’ great…these guys again?  They never give up! I am just about at the end of my rope.  I mean, let’s face it, I’ve done a lot of work to thwart these guys and their agenda.  I mean, I’ve caused turmoil within the band, leading to one band member being replaced. I’ve even inflicted one of them with a serious illness and now he’s recorded some of his best guitar work since the beginning of the band.

Don’t forget I’m still ticked off about how this whole thing went down from the beginning.  If we go way back to the beginning, these guys were all set to break out as a secular metal band.  They weren’t exactly angels at this point…but then, poof! They betray me at the last minute with this whole Jesus thing and become a sheep in wolf’s clothing.  I mean they actually went out and threw bibles into the audience at a rock concert. Who does that? I admit though, I was able to mess up their aim sometimes and caused the bibles to smack some of the fans upside the head…ha ha ha, that was great!  Heavy Metal music was my baby from the beginning and to have someone twist it all around like this is a serious low-blow!

But now, they’ve put out their new album “Even The Devil Believes” and everyone wants my opinion on it.  I guess because it mentions me by name.  First of all, I wasn’t expecting to be called out on this question, but if you want the truth, here it is…Yes! I believe in God! Duh, it’s just common sense. If people don’t believe there’s a God, then they have no reason to believe in me. I mean, I wouldn’t really serve a purpose, now would I.  God and I are two polar opposites, like hot and cold, light and dark and, of course, good and evil.  You can’t understand the difference without the presence of the other.

Now onto this album.  Well, you know, I’m going to dislike these lyrics, I mean, I am Satan! 2020 has been a great year for me.  I’ve put a lot of work into making this year just seem apocalyptic and the last thing that I need is some Christian metal band coming along and trying to give people hope. Give me a break!

But, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due.  The music is some of the best stuff these guys have released since the beginning of their careers. Robert Sweet literally beats the hell out of those drums (no pun intended).  And the guitar duo of Michael Sweet and Oz Fox is simply incredible. These riffs and solos are simply scorching   New bassist Perry Richardson lays the beat down heavy and the vocals of Micahel Sweet hitting those incredible high notes sound like a man possessed (I wish he was!, but so far, I haven’t been able to get that done. haha).  This album is some of the heaviest material the band have delivered in a long time and sounds like a throwback to their earlier sound only heavier. Standout songs are “Blood From Above”, “Make Love Great Again”, “Do Unto Others” and of course “Even The Devil Believes” (mostly becomes it mentions me and I’m vain like that, haha). I’ve seen some other reviews where people judge them strictly on their beliefs, but I couldn’t care less, after all, I still seem to have King Diamond and a whole army of Black Metal bands still spreading the word. So, I’ll chalk the new Stryper album as a loss in my column. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.

Track Listing for “Even the Devil Believes”:
1.  Blood From Above
2.  Make Love Great Again
3.  Let Him In
4.  Do Unto Others
5.  Even The Devil Believes
6.  How To Fly
7.  Divider
8.  This I Pray
9.  Invitation Only
10. For God & Rock ‘N’ Roll
11. Middle Finger Messiah

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