Sainted Sinners – Back With A Vengeance

Artist: Sainted Sinners
Album: Back With A Vengeance
Genre: Metal
Label: El Puerto Records
Release Date: February 16, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Less than a year ago, I was writing a review for the debut album from Sainted Sinners. And what a debut it was. The album made it into the XS ROCK top 5 albums of 2017.  While the last album leaned more heavily on the bluesy hard rock side, “Back With A Vengeance” has a bit more of an aggressive bite to it. This album is a little more on the metal side of things sound wise. The band pulls no punches starting with “Rise Like A Phoenix”. “Burnin’ The Candle” keeps the heaviness alive to be followed up by the, dare I say, Van Halen-ish, fun-loving rock song “Back With A Vengeance”. “Tell Me I Was Wrong” treads a more soulful, bluesy sonic territory than it’s predecessors. But the band shifts back to a heavier style with “Nothin’ Left To Lose”. This is one of my favorites songs from the new album, with a bit of Egyptian or Persian metal influenced sound. A lot of these songs have a Dio sounding quality as well. In particular, “When The Hammer Falls” is a nice heavy rock song that comes out swinging. David Reece has the vocal chops to deliver these songs with the grit and power you’ve come to expect. Frank Pane’ really delivers some blistering guitar work on this album. The whole band is magnificent, but the musical chemistry between Reece and Pane’ is undeniable. If you’re looking for a great hard rock album like they used to make them, then look no further than Sainted Sinners newest release “Back With A Vengeance”. This album looks to be another contender for hard rock album of the year again in 2018.

Track Listing:

01. Rise Like a Phoenix
02. Burnin the Candle
03. Back with a Vengeance
04. Tell Me I Was Wrong
05. Nothin Left to Lose
06. Waitin Till the Countdown Begins
07. Let It Go
08. When the Hammer Falls
09. Pretty Little Lies
10. Gone but Not Forgotten

Band Members:

Frank Pané -Guitars

David Reece – Vocals

Berci Hirleman -Drums

Malte Frederik Burkert – Bass

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