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Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire (Review)

ROSS THE BOSS releases lyric video for single 'Denied By The Cross'

Artist: Ross The Boss
Album: Born Of Fire
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: March 6, 2020
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


It’s refreshing these days, to hear an album of full-on, raw, metal music in all of its glory.  That’s exactly what you get with the latest album “Born Of Fire” by Ross The Boss.  Ross Friedman has a special place in both metal and punk history as one of the founding members of both Manowar and The Dictators.  Throughout his career, whether it be more punk based or metal sounding, he’s brought the blazing guitar sound that fueled the fire for these bands.  Starting with the opening song “Glory To The Slain”, which I find similar in style to metal thrashers Overkill, you know you’re in for an all-out assault.  The entire album has a rawness like the early styles of Metallica and Motorhead and that suits me just fine. When I saw that it’s raw, don’t get confused.  The production and sound quality are great.  It’s not raw in the sense that it sounds like a demo or something. No, it has more to do with the attitude and the fierceness of their sound.  It’s real. And it’s done with a who gives a damn if you like it or not attitude.  The unabashed punk attitude mixed with searing heavy metal is an animal all to its self.  Ross The Boss has brought this sound to previous albums before, but this one feels more primal.  There are some incredible songs on this album with tracks like “I Am The Sword”, “Denied By The Cross”, “Born Of Fire” and “Godkiller” being some of my favorites. Metal fans simply can’t go wrong with this album.  It’s pure adrenaline packaged in an album cover.

Track Listing:

01 Glory To The Slain
02 I Am The Sword
03 Fight The Fight
04 Shotgun Evolution
05 Denied by The Cross
06 Maiden Of Shadows
07 Born Of Fire
08 Demon Holiday
09 Godkiller
10 Waking The Moon
11 Undying
12 The Blackest Heart

Band Members:

Ross Friedman: guitar

Steve Bolognese: drums

Mike LePond: bass

Marc Lopes: singer

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