R.I.P. Rigor Mortis Singer Bruce Corbitt

Rigor Mortis Singer Bruce Corbitt In Hospice Care For Terminal Cancer

Bruce Corbitt vocalist for both RIGOR MORTIS and WARBEAST has died.  He was receiving hospice care after esophageal cancer that had continued spread throughout his body.  Rigor Mortis was a thrash/speed metal band that formed in 1983 in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. Two schoolmates, Harden Harrison  and Casey Orr , formed the band when they met Mike Scaccia . The three young men shared an interest in horror/gore films and very heavy music. With Bruce Corbitt on vocals, they created some of the heaviest thrash metal at the time often flirting with death metal. They were also one of the only major thrash bands from Texas and virtually created the underground metal scene there. The band was signed by Capitol Records in 1987.

Bruce Corbitt also sang for the thrash metal band Warbeast . The band was signed by Pantera’s Phil Anselmo’s label Housecore Records and their debut album Krush The Enemy was released on April 27, 2010.

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