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Reverend – A Gathering Of Demons Re-Issue (Review)

Reverend - A Gathering Of Demons Re-Issue (Review)


Unbeknownst to me at the time, my connection to Reverend started in the late-80s when I caught a band called Heretic at Jezebel’s in Anaheim. As history would have it, Mike Howe left Heretic to join Metal Church when David Wayne left Metal Church. In turn, David Wayne went on to form Reverend with the remaining Heretic members. Years later, Todd Stotz, David Wayne, and I would develop and design the Reverend website until David’s passing in 2005.

There was a buzz throughout 2020 that Reverend’s A Gathering of Demons EP was going to be remixed and re-released. For whatever reasons it kept getting pushed back. Terry Maryniuk ended up finding me on FB towards the end of 2020 and said he finally got the reissue from Vic Records and was sending a copy.

Well, voila’ – the little mini masterpiece showed up and I have been cranking it ever since. Todd Stotz (Reverend drummer that originally played on this release) did an outstanding job with the remix and giving more power and aggression to what was already there. Very well blended. Extremely interesting is the history of the band that is included in the booklet from Todd.

From the slow and broodiness of Massacre the Innocent and Down (until that is, they both kick into gear with a heavy onslaught) to the drum hyper arrangement of Stealing My Mind and the crunchy Legion (a reworking of Metal Church’s Fake Healer) this release was definitely showcasing a band worth watching out for. Sadly, the original 2001 release (which is also included with the new remixes) was the last to feature David on vocals.

The new release also includes a blistering version of UFO’s Lights Out from the Spaced Out: A UFO Tribute release, as well as two live tracks from 2002 – Legion and Start the Fire. If there is any momentum breakers on this disc, it would have to be the two live tracks. They barely give you a solid understanding of the ferociousness that came off the stage during a Reverend show. You almost can’t knock it because those live recordings are going on 20 years old so let’s just say the polished quality you are probably used to from commercial releases isn’t there. Finishing out the disc is a snippet of just over a minute of David cutting vocals during the recording.

Grab a copy if you can, and let’s hope someone decides to give the rest of the Reverend back catalog the star treatment.


01. Massacre the Innocent (New Mix 2019)

02. Down (New Mix 2019)

03. Stealing My Mind (New Mix 2019)

04. Legion (New Mix 2019)

05. Lights Out

06. Massacre the Innocent

07. Down (Original Mix 2001)

08. Stealing My Mind

09. Legion

10. Legion (Live San Antonio 2002)

11. Start the Fire (Live San Antonio 2002)

12. Davids Vocals Recording in the Studio

David Wayne – Vocals
Chris Nelson – Guitar
John Stahlman – Bass
Tom Stotz – Drums

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