Retro Reviews

Retro Reviews are new reviews of albums that are not new releases, but are considered relevant to the rock genre.


Retro Reviews

Heaven’s Edge: Heaven’s Edge

Artist: Heaven's Edge Album: Heaven's Edge Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal Label: CBS/Columbia Release Date: 1990 (Re-release Rock Candy Records 2012) Review: I will probably go to my grave thinking that if the debut album by Heaven's Edge had only been released a few years earlier, they would have been one of the biggest name is 80's hard rock.  Unfortunately, it wasn't released until 1990, just as grunge and alternative rock were becoming all the rage. The very day that I bought this album, I must have played it at least twenty times. It's really that good. And thanks to the shift in the musical climate at that time, it just wasn't given the great record label support that it deserved. This album is all killer and no filler. These carefully crafted songs were well written and balanced with a few ballads that didn't feel cheesy and full on rockers...

Kix: Midnite Dynamite

Artist: Kix Album: Midnite Dynamite Genre: Hard Rock / Metal Label: Atlantic Records Release Date: August 6, 1985 Review: Today, I'm going way back to 1985 when Kix released their groundbreaking album "Midnite Dynamite". An album, that I can safely say has no filler and no bad songs anywhere on it. A virtual audio tour of every teenage boys hormonal thoughts about girls, sex and generally living life at a break neck speed. This was the soundtrack to my teenage years. Kix had released two albums prior to this, I noticed, I listened, but I wasn't overwhelmed. However, with the release of Midnite Dynamite, Kix found what would become their signature sound and in my opinion it's still the best release of their career. Hell, even the slow ballad like "Walkin' Away" resonated with me when my girlfriend broke up with me. My favorite tracks on here have to be...

Vollmer: When Pigs Fly

Artist: Vollmer Album: When pigs Fly Genre: Hard Rock / Metal Label: Perris Records Release Date: Re-Released April 15, 2016 Review:  On July 22nd Helix will be releasing "Rock It Science". The CD is a "Greatest Hits collection with one new track called (Gene Simmons) says"Rock Is Dead".  I have been a big fan of Helix's music for years. Legends in the rock scene with tracks like "Rock You" ,  "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin', "Heavy Metal Love" and more, the band has consistently created great material over the years. I still find that many people are completely unaware of Brian Vollmer's solo album, so I thought this might be a good time to do a review of "When Pigs Fly" by Vollmer.  Originally released in 1999 and just recently re-released through Perris Records, "When Pigs Fly" should be in every Helix fans CD collection.  While sounding like Helix, Brian experimented a little...

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