Quiet Riot – One Night In Milan (Review)

Quiet Riot - One Night In Milan

Artist: Quiet Riot
Album: One Night In Milan
Genre: Classic Metal
Label: Frontiers Music srl.
Release Date: January 25, 2019


Quiet Riot has been on the scene since 1970’s.  Early lineup’s featured Randy Rhoads and wild frontman, Kevin DuBrow.   The band finally hit the jackpot in 1983 with their Metal Health album.  Although the band had a varied lineup over the years, it wasn’t until DuBrow’s untimely death that the band went through lead singers faster than Donald Trump’s Whitehouse goes through staff members.  Finally in 2017, former American Idol contestant, James Durbin took over the vocal duties.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that several of Frankie Banali’s replacement singers sounded very similar to DuBrow’s original sound.  However, after listening to this live album, i’m convinced that they have the right guy for the job now in Durbin.  So, I’m not going to lie, Durbin doesn’t sound very much like Kevin DuBrow, and it will be the first thing that you notice when listening to these Quiet Riot songs that you’ve heard for years, but after you listen a little, you start to pick up some similarities and his enthusiastic presence helps give these songs a great energy.  It not easy replacing a classic singer, but James Durbin does an admirable job of trying to deliver the fun atmosphere of Kevin DuBrow‘s delivery style with his own and unique vocal style.  I was especially glad to see such deep tracks as “Terrified”, “Wild & The Young” and “Condition Critical” included on this live album.  The band sounds tight and focused on these songs and let’s be realistic, why shouldn’t they.  With the exception of Durbin, the other guys have been playing together for years now.  The chemistry of the veterans with new vocalist Durbin is really good and it makes for a great. entertaining live set that actually holds up really well.  A big part of what’s been wrong with the rock music scene over the last few years is the lack of making the songs and shows entertaining and exciting….I’m happy to say that Quiet Riot does an excellent job of doing both on One Night In Milan.  By the time the album is closing out with “Cum On Feel The Noize” and “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)”, I am firmly a fan of the new Quiet Riot sound with Durbin as the frontman.  The band sound like they’re just getting started and sound re-energized. With a renewed energy, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the band have a resurgence in attendance at their concerts.



1.Run For Cover

2.Slick Black Cadillac

3.Mama Weere All Crazee Now

4.Whatever It Takes


6.Love’s A Bitch

7.Condition Critical


9.Party All Night

10.Freak Flag

11.I Can’t Get Enough

12.Wild & The Young

13.Let’s Get Crazy

14.Cum On Feel The Noize

15.Bang Your Head



Frankie Banali, Drums

Chuck Wright, Bass

Alex Grossi, Guitar

James Durbin, Vocals

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