Q & A With Methodical

Q & A With Methodical

XS ROCK: Tell me about the latest band news? Any new projects coming out, live shows or announcements?

Wil: Right now, we are focusing on writing new music and recording, but do have a few shows in the works.

We recently released our single “Not My World” and have another song, “You Want Us” being released on July 4th. The next three songs being recorded are ones we’ve played live: “Nevermind the Hate,” “Silly Voices,” and “Silence is your Signature.” As for shows, we are playing with Powerman 5000, (Hed) P.E., and Adema on October 30th at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ. And, we are booking other shows, such as a return to Florida, Ohio, and a few other states.



XS ROCK: So how long has the band been together?

Wil: A variation of the band started back in 2002/2003, but it wasn’t until 2005 where Methodical was really born and we played our first show, Gothicfest 2005, in Chicago. After years of playing together, we then took an 8-year break and only recently decided to come back. We had two comeback shows with Otep last December – one in NJ and one in PA and decided we missed this too much.

Tony: I joined the madness around the spring of 2004. At that point, there weren’t many songs that were complete so I dug right in as this was the first band I had joined where I could actually write some songs.



XS ROCK: What was your main motivation for originally starting or being in a band?

Wil: Our mission is to bring awareness to various forms of abuse, depression, suicide, and other unfortunate events in life and history. While many victims of abuse become fatalities of the experience and continue the vicious cycle, Methodical has chosen to end it. My brother and I were raised through a childhood of abuse, and sometimes I think the band is one of the main reasons I was able to get through it.

Tony: I feel more myself when I’m playing music. I’m reserved in every other aspect of my life. I get more satisfaction playing shows and writing music than I do anything else.

Sean: I’ve wanted to play in a band for as long as I can remember.  But once I discovered Metallica, I wanted to be like them.



XS ROCK: What is your music background?

Wil: I don’t have any classical training other that self-teaching myself from CDs, videos, etc. I did sing in plays when I was younger. However, I stopped doing that for a bit when one director said my rendition of “Joy to the World” was one of the worst he ever heard and he hoped I never sang again. Years later, I went back to headline the same venue with Methodical.

Tony: I’ve been playing guitar since 2001. How I learned was just by listening to songs whether it would be on the radio or by whatever CD I had laying around the house at the time. I started experimenting with synths and sound design around 2013.

Adam: I’ve been playing bass since 1995, guitar since 1999, keyboards and synths since 2002.



XS ROCK: What image do you think your music conveys?

Wil: I think the image we convey could depend on the listener and what the song means to them personally. For me, it is all about powering through whatever life throws at you. We have one song called “Depression F*cks Me,” which, in simple terms, just tells depression to go f*ck itself, because there is nothing left for it to do – it is powerless. I also have a saying that we support beating abusive adults, or “abuse the abuser.” Those that abuse innocent people and children are nothing, nobody, and they need to realize we are a lot stronger than they will ever be.

Tony: Personally, I hope the music is conveyed in a way that’s meant to guide you. Much like a pilot, we want to take you somewhere with the music.



Q & A With MethodicalXS ROCK: What are your current music career goals?

Wil: I am content knowing we’ve helped even one person from allowing themselves to be abused further or to have helped steer one person away from suicide. That is a success. If we can grow from that, then all the better.

Tony: I never get tired of playing on stage so I hope to do that for as long as I can. If that doesn’t pan out, I hope to help young bands and other acts in a producer role.

Sean: I always want to be a part of the music.  If performing doesn’t work out in the long run, I would still want to be behind the scenes.

Adam: Aside from performance, I love song-writing and producing and would like to branch out further into that for other artists of all genres.



XS ROCK: Which do you prefer? Writing new songs and recording or playing for a live audience?

Wil: As much as I love recording, I’ve always felt that we are a live band first. The energy, the connection with the fans… you can’t beat that.

Tony: Live is always much more exhilarating. While I do get a certain satisfaction writing or recording an awesome riff or a great chorus for a song, it’s when you play it live do you see if it really resonates with the audience. Can never get enough of it, and I’m generally an introvert!

Sean: I always hate this question because at the moment I would always say that specific thing.  So I’ll just say both.

Adam: There’s nothing better than being up on stage and feeling the energy of the crowd.



XS ROCK: What is the single most important thing to you as a musician?

Wil: Having the right band members is very important. If we disagreed too much on the meaning of the band and songs or how they are going to sound, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. We’ve had those moments and it can cripple the band entirely. Also, you have to enjoy hanging out with the band members even when nothing is going right.

Tony: I would say trust. While there are many things that are important, I feel like trust is a real big one with me.

Sean: I always want to have fun doing this.  I could never see myself feeling like music is a nuisance.



XS ROCK: Do you have any outrageous tour stories from the road? If so, please fill us in.

Wil: Our first show at Gothicfest 2005 was with the bands Hanzel und Gretyl and Slick Idiot (En Esch from KMFDM). Perhaps not an outrageous story, but being such a young band, it was pretty cool that these successful bands hung out with us and were just great people to be around. It really helped set the tone for us.

Ok, I think one of the most outrageous moments was when we were touring Florida and stopped to hang out with the band Crossbreed. I think most of us forgot most of the night, but it ended with James, the singer of Crossbreed, waking up our one guitarist at the time with poop on a napkin. “Do you know what this is? Yup, it is poop and I’m serving it to you on a napkin.” Ok, you had to be there… or not. Yeah.

We’ve also had religious protesters at a show in Pennsylvania. Apparently, our music was going to turn everyone gay and send them to hell. Another time, someone didn’t want us playing a venue in NJ so they called the police and told them we were selling drugs at the venue. A S.W.A.T team came into the venue while we were on stage playing a militant song, “Dying for You.” Some people thought it was part of the show because we wouldn’t stop playing even though these guys were walking around with their automatic rifles.

And, while not during a tour, one of the coolest things to ever happen to the band was getting to hang out and have drinks with Rammstein backstage after one of their shows. We can proudly say Till Lindemann mixed us very strong Vodka drinks while Richard Kruspe talked about how to cook certain foods he loves.


XS ROCK: What’s the strangest request that you’ve ever received from one of your fans?

Wil: I had one girl ask to lick my sweaty shaved head after a set. I let her. Another girl asked for the necktie I was wearing on stage. She took it and immediately sniffed it and told her friends that it smells like me.

Tony: I think I signed someone’s angel wings. I don’t even think it was a Halloween show. They just went to the show with angel wings. More power to them. I think I also signed some kid’s sneaker. Just random objects. Gotta love it!



XS ROCK: Are your friends and family supportive of your choice to play in a rock band?

Wil: They’re supportive of the message of the band, but I think most of them wish I would make softer music.

Tony: Family and friends very supportive since they see it’s been a passion of mine for most of my life. From when I was very little, I always had a guitar in my hands. Whether it’d be a toy or someone else’s guitar. It’s a part of me and they’ve always seen that. Now whether they listen to it or not I don’t know.

Sean: Everyone is supportive but not everyone is a fan.



XS ROCK: What advice do you have for new bands trying to get started?

Wil: I will reiterate the importance of the bandmates you are working with. Methodical has had quite a few lineups changes over the years, and the band was only successful when we were able to manage the people aspect of it all. Even if you have one wrong person in the band, that cancer can spread to everyone else.

Tony: Play live as often as you can. Don’t be concerned with what time you’re performing or who you’re playing with. Just go out there and have fun. If you make mistakes, that’s the point of constantly playing live. If you play to an empty room, think of it as glorified band practice. We played a show many years ago to an empty room. Just an open floor and I’ll be damned if I didn’t try to make those three people sitting at the bar turn their heads towards us for a second.



XS ROCK: What are your favorite tracks to play live?

Wil: “Forget the Changes” because it has some of my favorite lyrics and the vocal pattern and tone is more in your face and raw. “Suicide Hole” because it seems to be the fan favorite and gets the most crowd reaction.

Tony: Not My World, You Want Us, Never Turn Back, KTFO, and Dominate The Annihilation to name a few.

Sean: Forget the Changes, Silly Voices, Not My World, Suicide Hole.

Adam: Not My World, Silence Is Your Signature, KTFO, You Want Us.



Q & A With MethodicalXS ROCK: Which band or artist inspired you to perform? Why?

Wil: The top three that inspired me were Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, and Oomph. Their music got me through some rough times and their stage performances are amazing.

Tony: Metallica has always been a huge influence for me when I was very little. In Flames was the next band to grab my attention. They added death metal elements with electronic sounds in the songs. Rammstein I discovered much later. Up until that point, I had never heard heavy music with a dance element to it. Those would be my top three bands.

Sean: Metallica all around.  I always wanted to follow their footsteps.

Adam: I first started playing music after seeing Silverchair on MTV. I saw that they were only a few years older than me and thought it was awesome.



XS ROCK: If you could design a dream tour for your band, who would be on the bill?

Wil: Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Oomph, Methodical.

Tony: Anything involving Metallica and Rammstein would be huge!

Sean: Metallica, Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold

Adam: Amorphis, Soilwork, Sabaton, Iced Earth.



XS ROCK: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

Wil: To speak to something I mentioned earlier, I have had people reach out to tell me that we helped them either get help or get away from something negative in their lives. One person, in particular, said she was thinking about suicide daily, and believed she was ready to take her life. Instead, she took my advice to seek professional help.



XS ROCK: What type of equipment do you use for live shows?

Wil: A microphone and my vocal cords.

Tony: I use Schecter Guitars as well as Peavey amps.

Sean: Schecter and Ibanez guitars, 5150 amp and Randall head

Adam: M-Audio midi controllers and a variety of soft synths. I’m very partial to Native Instruments.



XS ROCK: What do you think of the current music scene?

Wil: I get a bit concerned that metal isn’t as popular as other, crappier, genres of music.

Tony: The current music scene needs a bit of an edge if you ask me.

Sean: The music seen now seems to be facing a certain demographic and shuns metal/rock in general.



XS ROCK: Is there anything that you’d like to promote or say to your fans out there?

Wil: We consider every Methodical fan part of our family. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. We are here for you as much as you are always there for us.



XS ROCK: Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us at XS ROCK!

Methodical: Thank you, XS ROCK. It has been a pleasure.


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Tony – Guitar

Adam – Keys/Synth

Tom – Drums

Sean- Guitar


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