Q & A With Joey Factor From New Dilemma

New Dilemma is a modern rock band from Titusville, Florida that has been climbing the Orlando music scene since October of 2017. When the love for music brought some old friends, as well as fresh blood together, that’s when a new adventure began. The journey for them is about connecting their music to people that relate, hoping they find solace in the songs. There are many stories to be told within this band, from terrible tragedies to soaring highs. The music is a true piece of them which is evident in the live performance, from driving guitar & drums to transparent lyrics that make you live it with them through the songs.


XS ROCK: Tell me about the latest band news? Any new projects coming out, live shows or announcements?

New Dilemma will be hitting the road this summer with Smile Empty Soul July11th – August 8th – New EP dops June 26th


XS ROCK: So how long has the band been together?
3 Years


XS ROCK: What was your main motivation for originally starting or being in a band?
The inspiration for me (Joey Factor) was 4 years ago when my special needs daughter told me to go show the world what I have again.


XS ROCK: What is your music background?
I started in musical theater as a young child which led to teenage punk bands and the rest is history.. LOL


XS ROCK: What image do you think your music conveys?
Positivity through the darkness… We want to spread help through our own life experiences and that you have to believe in and love yourself. We want people to know we are there for them like they are there for us. We want to be accessible to our fans so we can experience this journey together!


XS ROCK: What are your current music career goals?
For now is just being on tour playing this new record and being with the fans XS ROCK: Which do you prefer? Writing new songs and recording or playing for a live audience? Live!!! Nothing like the raw energy from live performances..


XS ROCK: What are your songs’ lyrics about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
These songs are specific moments of my life. The theme to this record is about getting through to the other side of the darkness and that it’s ok to hurt and it’s ok to move on because that’s when we truly see the light.


XS ROCK: What is the single most important thing to you as a musician?
Connecting with the fans on another level, being available to the people that make our world go round as a band.


XS ROCK: Do you have any outrageous tour stories from the road?  

Soon! LOL


XS ROCK: What’s the strangest request that you’ve ever received from one of your fans?
To fly to europe to play a party… one weekend


XS ROCK: Are your friends and family supportive of your choice to play in a rock band?
I am lucky enough to have a family that has my back 100%


XS ROCK: What advice do you have for new bands trying to get started?
Do your own thing and don’t let people ruin your true vision with a preconceived idea of what you should be. Stay on the grind and never back down. If you haven’t already, you might want to grow some thick skin, no sugar coating in this industry.. LOL


XS ROCK: What are your favorite tracks to play live?
Bury My Demons


XS ROCK: Which band or artist inspired you to perform? Why?
My most inspiring artist as a front man is Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix, he has a level of energy and stage presence like no other. As a teen, Greenday was life….


XS ROCK: If you could design a dream tour for your band, who would be on the bill?
Papa Roach, I prevail, Starset


XS ROCK: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
This moment right now with radio, the tour & EP dropping… I am watching my dreams come to life.


XS ROCK: If you weren’t performing in a band what kind of career do you think you
would have? Own a taco stand.


XS ROCK: What type of equipment do you use for live shows?
Shure digital wireless for guitars and in ears, & wireless mic.  kemper on lead rig. I think I have to watch what else I type here LOL


XS ROCK: What do you think of the current music scene?
The current scene is full of so much talent from the up and coming bands!


XS ROCK: For anyone that doesn’t know you, what would they be surprised to know about you?

That I am actually quite a cut-up and onions are gross!!!!


XS ROCK: Is there anything that you’d like to promote or say to your fans out there?
We love you guys so much for the continued support of New Dilemma and we would not be where we are without you. Remember, Don’t let your story be over and you are worth fighting for!


XS ROCK: Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us at XS ROCK!
Thank you so much for talking with us and until next time…


New Dilemma is:

Joey Factor – Vocals
Clyde Clark – bass
Ben Johnson – Drums/Producer
Bobby Keller – Lead Guitar




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