Q & A With Dan Sullivan of Arriver

Q & A With Dan Sullivan of Arriver

Tell me about the latest band news? Any new projects coming out, live shows or announcements?
 We’ve got a new single and video, “Holy Glow”, a cover by the remarkable 80’s bay area band The Ophelias.


How long has the band been together?
In this form 15 years, in other forms 25+.


What was your main motivation for starting or being in a band?
When you’re a musician and you’ve built part of life around making music you find ways to do that.


What is your music background?
We’ve all been playing various instruments since we were wee.


What image do you think your music conveys?
 Power, excitement, adventure!


What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.)
Finish our next album, release it to the masses, bask in adulation.


 What are your long-term career goals?
We want to keep making music together until our bodies are too old and withered to pick up our instruments.


Which do you prefer? Writing new songs and recording or playing for a live audience?
This is a false choice. Both are fantastic.


What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
ARRIVER are storytellers. We’ve sung about the Russian Navy, the magical properties of radiation, British mercenaries running amok in Africa, stranded whaling crews and more. We’re currently completing an album which is the second in an ongoing SciFi/Fantasy epic of our own creation.


Do you have any outrageous tour stories from the road? 
Dude, what happens on the road stays on the road.


What’s the strangest request that you’ve ever received from one of your fans?
We try not to judge our fans or their requests.


Were your parents supportive of your aspirations to play in a rock band?


What are your favorite tracks to play live?
We like to play any new song which has arrived at the point of being fully written.


Which band or artist inspired you to perform? Why?
We take inspiration from everyone that we’ve seen perform over the decades. Having said that, we all saw Sonic Youth open for Neil Young on tour back in 1990 or so and seeing that level of animosity between the band and the audience was pretty damn exhilarating!


If you could design a dream tour for your band, who would be on the bill?
Yes – headliners
ARRIVER – co-headliners
Anal Cunt – playing in the parking lot
Red Hot Chili Peppers – on first, but they keep getting bumped and they’re never given the keys to their trailer.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
Our last album was amazing but the next one will be better.


If you weren’t performing in a band what kind of career do you think you would have?
We all have other careers.


What type of equipment do you use for live shows?
So much gear… Navillus Guitar Company guitars, Rickenbackers, and Fenders, 6 strings, 8 strings, 12 strings, baritones. Noble & Cooley drums. Effects pedals as necessary. Mesa Boogie Mk IV amps, although one unnamed member recently started playing the Mark Tremonti signature amp…


What do you think of the current music scene?
The music scene in Chicago is alive and vibrant.


For anyone that doesn’t know you, what would they be surprised to know about you?
We’ve never written a bad song!


If someone had never heard you before, how would you describe your sound?
Powerful, aggressive, progressive, melodic, majestic, complex, immensely listenable.


Is there anything that you’d like to promote or say to your fans out there?
The pandemic will end! Live music will be back and we’ll be ready!



Joe Kaplan – drums

Dan MacAdam – guitar

Dan Sullivan – guitar, vocal

Rob Sullivan – bass, vocal