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Pretty Maids New Live Album “Maid In Japan – Back To The Future World” Is An Instant Classic!

Pretty Maids To Release 'Maid In Japan Back To The Future World' CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Concert

Artist: Pretty Maids
Album: Maid In Japan – Back To Futureworld
Genre: Melodic Metal / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: May 22, 2020
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


The Pretty Maids prove that they still have it with this live release more than 30 years after their iconic Future World album was released.  This is simply an incredible live performance from start to finish as the band plays the entire Future World album in its entirety,  plus a set of extra songs that showcase the bands’ later songs.  Future World was the album that made me originally take notice of Pretty Maids.  Afterward, I was hooked as a fan and bought all of the band’s previous albums and have continued to purchase each successive album ever since.  The sound quality of this live recording is simply outstanding.  While many live concert recordings sound muddled, the clarity of this one is amazing. Vocalist Ronnie Atkins can still deliver these songs almost exactly as they were on the originals.  Future World is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again and that’s definitely the case with the live version as well.  The crowd is enthusiastic and the interaction between the band and the crowd gives these songs an extra punch that provides freshness to material that was written more than 30 years ago. The band is simply on fire throughout this performance.  If you buy the set, it comes with a DVD/Blu-Ray of the concert that is equally as impressive and also adds a tremendous amount of extra content, including extra songs and behind the scenes interviews with the band. If you’re a fan of the band, you’re going to love this.  And normally, I wouldn’t suggest someone who hasn’t heard a band before starting with a live album, Maid In Japan – Back To The Future World is the exception to that rule. I can’t imagine that someone hearing the band for the first time on this album wouldn’t instantly become a fan. This album is an instant classic and a very welcome addition to any melodic metal fans collection.

Track Listing:

Fw30 (Intro)
Future World
We Came To Rock
Love Games
Yellow Rain
Loud ´N´proud
Needles In The Dark
Eye Of The Storm
Long Way To Go
Mother Of All Lies
Bull’s Eye
Little Drops Of Heaven

Bonus on DVD and Blu-Ray:

– The videos:

Little Drops Of Heaven

Mother Of All Lies

Nuclear Boomerang

My Soul To Take

A Heart Without A Home


Face The World

Bull’s Eye

Last Beauty On Earth


Will You Still Kiss Me (When I See You In Heaven)

– Balingen Documentary

– Japan Documentary

– Interviews with Ronnie Atkins, Ken Hammer, Chris Laney, Rene Shades.

Band Members:

Ronnie Atkins – vocals

Ken Hammer – guitars

Rene Shades – bass

Chris Laney – keyboard, guitar

Allan Sørensen – drums

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