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Pretty Boy Floyd – Public Enemies Review

Artist: Pretty Boy Floyd
Album: Public Enemies
Genre: Metal / Glam/Sleaze
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Pretty Boy Floyd have returned to the scene of the crime with their all new album “Public Enemies”. What’s really amazing about this release, is that it has all of the intensity and raw energy of a band back in the heyday of the sunset strip. You know, when glam metal bands ruled the world. Well, if Pretty Boy Floyd has their way, they will bring it back to the forefront of rock. And, I have to say with this album, they’ve captured the fun atmosphere of the 80’s and delivered it straight to your face! If you remember when rock n ‘roll was all about fun, hedonism and guitars, you’ll love this album. If you missed out on the scene the first time around, flip the switch and blast “Public Enemies” through your speakers to see what you missed out on. “Feel The Heat” is the first single and it’s a good song to kickstart your adrenaline.  The band have picked up right where they left off with  Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz and have delivered a fitting and unbelievably great sequel. Standout tracks for me are “Girls All Over The World”, “Feel The Heat”, “High School Queen”, Do You Wanna Rock” and “Run For Your Life”. But, there’s really no duds or filler on Public Enemies. I’ve always thought vocalist Steve Summers had that perfect voice that’s like a mix of Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Bret Michaels of Poison. It’s great to see Pretty Boy Floyd show the world that they’ve still got what it takes to kick your ass with this brilliant new album. Pick this one up on December 1st when it comes out. Public Enemies is one rock n’ roll show that’s definitely worth the price of admission

Track Listing:
01 S.A.T.A.
02 Feel The Heat
03 High School Queen
04 Girls All Over The World
05 American Dream
06 We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday
07 We Got The Power
08 Do Ya Wanna Rock
09 Run For Your Life
10 Shock The World
11 Paint It On
12 7 Minutes In Heaven
13 Star Chaser
14 So Young So Bad

Band Members:
Kristy Majors, Guitars, Bass, Background Vocals
Steve Summers – Vocals & Background Vocals
Chad Stewart – Drums & Back Ground Vocals
Keri Kelli- Background Vocals


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Bobby Caughron

Bobby Caughron is a music journalist and Editor-In-Chief for XS ROCK. He began a life-long fan of hard rock and metal music after hearing KISS as a kid. He is still an avid fan of the 80s metal scene and continues to discover and write about new music in all rock genres today.

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