Palace Release Video For “Binary Music”

Palace Release Video For "Binary Music"

From the album BINARY MUSIC. Get your copy NOW: 


Palace is a Swedish melodic rock band founded by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace. Heavily influenced by 80’s imagery and music, Palace delivers a massive AOR-Melodic Rock sound; swirling keyboards, layers of guitars and fast moving 80’s themed melodic hard rock. The new album was self produced by Palace, who can wax lyrical for hours when asked questions about gear and instruments used in the recording of it. ‘’I’ve been endorsing Blade guitars since I worked on the Kryptonite album and truthfully the RH-4 and X-Fire are still the only guitars I use for all things I play on, including the new Palace album. I use a Kemper Profiling amp for bass and guitar, Arturia V-collection for synths. The vocals and the drums were recorded at Sound Vs. Science with Daniel Flores.’’

Michael Palace began working with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitar player for First Signal (featuring Harry Hess), Cry of Dawn (with Goran Edman), Kryptonite (featuring Jakob Samuel) and Toby Hitchcock, with these successful collaborations leading to a worldwide record deal with Frontiers. This is how the songwriting / recording process works for Palace; ‘’I rarely spend more than a day on a song when writing. The pieces either fall into place naturally or the song is simply not happening. I usually start off with the chords and melody and then develop the idea further when the main structure is in place. The recording process is just trying to do what’s on the demo even better and add another sprinkle of in-the-moment magic.’’

‘Binary Music’ is Palace’s second album, which is often a challenge for musicians. ‘’I made the decision early on that I would produce ‘Binary Music’ myself and I absolutely love how [debut album] ‘Master Of The Universe’ turned out. I believe that it’s important to keep challenging yourself in order to move forward so I just went for it and it was both frightening and very exciting. I don’t think that the result will disappoint anyone who enjoyed the first album.’’


  1. Binary Music
    2. Tears Of Gaia
    3. Nothing Personal
    4. Promised Land
    5. Love Songs
    6. Dangerous Grounds
    7. Queen Of The Prom
    8. Who’s Counting Time
    9. Julia
    10. To Have And To Hold

PRODUCED BY: Michael Palace


– Michael Palace – vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica and alto saxophone.
– Daniel Flores – drums and percussions
– Oscar Bromvall – guitar solo on ‘Julia’

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