OPERATION: MINDCRIME – The New Reality Review

OPERATION: MINDCRIME - The New Reality Review

The New Reality

Album: The New Reality
Genre: Metal / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: December 1st, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


According to Geoff Tate, The New Reality is the last album by Operation: Mindcrime. The New Reality is the third part in a trilogy, that started with “The Key” followed by “Resurrection”. I have to say out of the all three albums, The New Reality is the best and most satisfying of the three. It certainly is the closest to the sound that Tate delivered in his former band Queensryche.  While I have to give Tate credit for musical experimentation throughout these albums, at times, I found some of it a bit too abstract to enjoy in the traditional rock music sense. I applaud his efforts to try new things and a lot of it borders on, dare I say jazz metal? But, with The New Reality, the band seems to have created a more unified approach that has more of a cohesive flow than the others. In reality, I believe all three albums were recorded all at the same time and just released at different intervals. So, perhaps Tate has planned it this way all along. The opening track “A Head Long Jump” is really quite impressive. It builds slowly into a powerful rock anthem. “It Was Always You” has a really cool electronic undercurrent that provides some interesting depth that sounds great sonically. “Under Control” would have been right at home on one of the previous Queensryche albums that featured Tate. “My Eyes” is one of my favorites from this album. It has a nice brooding melody that obviously comes with a warning. “All For What” is a song of epic proportions, and as much as I hate to keep referring to Queensryche, it does remind me a lot of that sound. It’s really hard to not make comparisons between Tate and Queensryche because of his long tenure as the voice that became synonymous with the band. Perhaps, this is exactly the reason that a lot of these albums have been more progressive and experimental. It does make we wonder if Geoff Tate has personally tried to distance himself, at least somewhat from sounding too much like his former band.  All in all, The New Reality by Operation: Mindcrime is a solid, well-rounded effort that should please fans that are looking for at least of glimpse of Tate’s musical past in his albums. I am curious to see what Geoff Tate does next musically. With the apparent end of Operation: Mindcrime, will he go in a completely different musical direction? Metal, rock, pop, electronic, progressive, avant garde or all of the above? Considered a musical genius by some and too strange and different for others. Whatever you think of Geoff Tate, one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that he always has a musical surprise up his sleeve and still remains a bit mysterious. Love him or hate him, you have to give credit where credit is due….Tate has done things his own way post Queensryche. Taking chances takes courage. All three of these Operation: Mindcrime albums reflect exactly what Geoff Tate wanted to represent musically. And with the end of the trilogy, he goes out with a bang.

Track Listing:

A Head Long Jump

Wake Me Up

It Was Always You

The Fear

Under Control

The New Reality

My Eyes

A Guitar In Church?

All For What?

The Wave

Tidal Change

The Same Old Story

Band Members:

Geoff Tate

Kelly Gray

John Moyer

Simon Wright

Scott Mercado

Scott Moughton

Brian Tichy

Mike Ferguson

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