OHRENFEINDT: Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll

Album: Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll
Genre: Metal / Hard Rock
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: June 23, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Have you ever wondered what an AC/DC fronted by Brian Johnson would sound like in German? Well, wonder no more. Ohrenfeindt is the answer. I have no idea what the hell they are saying, but I also don’t mind, because it’s got that same bar room boogie woogie style that made AC/DC famous. This one of those bands that proves that fun music is universal. So it really doesn’t matter if you know what the lyrical content means or not. It kicks ass and that’s all you really need to know anyway. Keeping with the AC/DC style, there are no ballads to be found. It’s just straight ahead rock n ‘roll from the first to last track. Seriously, if you like bands like AC/DC, Dirty Looks, Rhino Bucket or Jackyl, you should give these guys a chance. A really fun and unique addition to any rock fans library!

Track Listing:
01. Deine Mudder singt bei Lordi
02. Starkstrom-Baby
03. Wanda Wondergirl
04. König und Rebell
05. Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll
06. So nicht
07. Zu früh
08. Irgendwann
09. Nix oder doppelt
10. Dreh dein Radio auf
11. 20359
12. Koks und Noten

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