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Nemesis H.P – Lion (Review)

 NEMESIS HP was founded by Yannis Geenens (guitar/ vocals, ex-Black Juju Inc., ex-Reign Of Night) in Lille, France in 2020 . His brother Liam (also Sharx vocalist) soon joined the ranks on guitar followed by Axel Meuriche (ex-Reign Of Night) on bass, and Lucas Richard on drums.

Nemesis H.P. Bring Back The Classic Metal Sound

Nemesis H.P. Bring Back The Classic Metal Sound

This is one seriously impressive debut! Nemesis H.P. brings back the 80s classic metal sound with a remarkable similarity to the sound of early W.A.S.P.  Vocalist Yannis Geenens sounds a lot like Blackie Lawless and the first two songs alone are standouts right away. The album starts out with the title track “Lion” and is quickly followed up by my favorite track on the album “You Got To Regret”. Other great songs include ” Spit on the Future”, “Fire In My Chest”, “Wait No More” (Which even features ex-W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes), and “Not Enough (Remedy).  There are a few songs that aren’t quite as good in my opinion, but considering that the band only started in 2020, this is really good stuff overall. The songs mentioned above hit the bullseye and show that the band seems to be headed for greater recognition. Frankly, if they had released this as a five or six-song EP, it would have been hard to find anything negative about it at all. And even the few songs that aren’t as strong can’t take away from the fact that these guys rock and rock hard. Definitely recommended for fans of W.A.S.P. and other classic metal bands.

01. Lion
02. You’ve got to Regret
03. Afraid About Me
04. Spit on the Future
05. Don’t play the Lover For Me
06. Fire in my Chest
07. Not Enough (Remedy)
08. Wait No More (Featuring Chris Holmes)
09. Love Potion N°9
10. I’ll be Waiting

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