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Neaera – Neaera (Review)

Neaera announces reunion with new self-titled album

Artist: Neaera
Album: Neaera
Genre: Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: February 28, 2020
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Brutality unleashed! That’s what the latest album by Neaera is like. I for one, love it.  The blackened metal style vocals over the furious sounding drums and ripping guitar and bass make this album a metal masterpiece.  While the guys have been AWOL for a while on the scene, they’ve returned bolder and better than ever before.  I was lulled into a false sense of questioning with the opening instrumental track, but all of my questions were soon answered when “Catalyst” starts to really open the record and practically rip the skin from the face of the listener. I simply can’t put into words how great this album is.  While we are too early into 2020 to start naming best metal albums, I have no doubt that this one will endure all year long and find a place on every metalhead’s favorites list, if not at the top.  These guys take all of the heaviness of old school bands like Testament, Slayer, Exodus, and early Metallica and crank it up with a powerful vocal style that makes for one hell of an incredible album.  While admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of Black Metal as a genre, these guys have added just a splash of the blackened style that I can really enjoy without some of the droning sounding music that I find boring in some of the pure Black Metal bands.  While what they’re doing may not quite be considered a new genre of Metal, it certainly sounds refreshing and heavy as hell, without forgetting the roots that made metal great, to begin with. If you like your metal on the heavy side, you absolutely have to listen to the new self-titled album by Neaera.  This one gets a five out of five stars and should be on your playlist right now.  If it isn’t, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it right now!

Track Listing:

(Un)drowned 1:12
Catalyst 4:23
False Shepherds 4:21
Resurrection of Wrath 4:12
Carriers 5:24
Rid the Earth of the Human Virus 3:20
Sunset of Mankind 4:45
Lifeless 3:40
Eruption in Reverse 4:18
Torchbearer 4:03
Deathless 4:23


Band Members:

Benjamin Hilleke – vocals

Sebastian Heldt – drums

Benjamin Donath – bass

Stefan Keller – guitars

Tobias Buck – guitars

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