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Ministry – Moral Hygiene (Review)

Al Jourgensen Wants To Clean Up the World With A Little "Moral Hygiene" In Latest Album.

Ministry's Moral Hygiene Review

Artist: Ministry
Album: Moral Hygiene
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: October 1, 2021


Never one to shy away from expressing his feelings about societal problems, Uncle Al returns with all guns blazing and a firm middle finger for those he deems a threat to the underdogs who are fighting to just keep their head above water.  Moral Hygiene is an appropriately named album title as Jourgensen laments the fact that greed, power-lust, and cleverly laid political disinformation bombs have divided not only the people of the United States but also the entire world.  Starting with the track “Alert Level”, the band asks how concerned are you?  Essentially, this entire album is a punk album set to an industrial metal soundtrack with Ministry bringing the rallying cry of its time to resist the wrongs of society and use the power of the people in numbers to stand up for themselves.  Every song on the album could easily be a current news headline and the album is timely in its approach to addressing our most important issues and problems. “Good Trouble”, in a tribute to the late John Lewis,  encourages “necessary” or good trouble when needed to protect our rights and freedoms. The harmonica parts included take me back to the sound of the Filth Pig album somewhat and it’s an entertaining endeavor. “Sabotage Is Sex” proves that no matter how full you get, there’s always room for Jello. Jello Biafra that is, as he guests on vocals on this aggressively fun song. The interesting cover version of the “Iggy And The Stooges” song “Search And Destroy” is a track that’s fateful to the original but also its own unique animal in the hands of mastermind Jourgensen. “Death Toll” is a classic Ministry track showing the absurdity of televangelism which leads into the latest entry in the TV Song series that takes us right into the hypocrisy of today.  Uncle Al’s fans will be right at home with Moral Hygiene and its topics. Not only is this a solid follow-up to the last album Amerikkkant, but I would rate it as the best album Ministry has released since Rio Grande Blood back in 2008.  Al Jourgensen is a rock music legend and this album has his thumbprint all over it. You absolutely need to pick this album up and give it a spin, it’s an easy 4-star album, and one of the best albums that I’ve heard in 2021, so far.

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